Time to Start!

If you’re thinking of entering the Hot-Rox Inferno Challenge, you’ll probably need to sign up and get started this week. Just a reminder.

See “The Inferno Challenge: Big Prizes” post in the Inferno forum for details. Remember, prizes for the top three winners are three T-Nation leather jackets valued at $1200 each and up to $1000 in cash. With only about 100 entrants (we’ve kept this contest very low profile so it would remain friendly and fun), the odds will be very good!

Chris, I thought about doing it, but I’m already pretty lean, and I just started using Hot Rox. In fact, I feel like I’ve shrunk up big time. So I’m going to get a little leaner and then start using Hot Rox along with some MAG-10 and 4ADEC in a couple months. This way, I can stay lean and add some size.

I’ve read the post but I didn’t see a deadline for the after pics. I’d like to enter but I won’t start cutting for like 2 weeks.

Sorry, I found it in another thread. June 1 might be too soon for me.

I wish we didn’t have to use Hot-Rx, I would love to be in on this!!! Can I make a deal? Like if I win the overall title at my contest in May that I can get in??