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Time to Start Posting

I have been on and off training for years. Lots of excuses to stop me for the last 10 years but no more. I have been more serious for the last 4 months and quickly got some strength gains back. Not nearly to the point I was 10 years ago but the progress is encouraging. I started doing a 5x5 strength program for 10 weeks which worked up to one set of 5 for my maximal lift.

I then dropped the weight by 50 pounds on my squat, bench and dead to work in 4 sets with 2 working sets at maximal weight for 8 reps. Essentially trying to get back to the previous max weight except with 2 sets of 8 instead of 1 set of 5. In week seven of 10 weeks now and strength is going well.
Big 3 are as follows.
Squat 2 x 8 x 275
Bench 2 x 8 x 175
Dead 2 x 8 x 315

Not blowing the doors off by any means but happy with the progress so far.
6’0 - 210 lbs way too much body fat.
My diet sucks and really needs to be worked on.

I figure if I start posting here and chatting with people, it will help keep my focus, guilt me into a good diet and get me back to a 400 lb squat and 500 lbs deadlift.

I would like to compete in a Master’s power lifting competition some time in 2015.

I hope everyone’s training is going well.

I will get some pics on here soon.

Going to take some video with a friend to get form commented on.

Damn, that’s some impressive scenery right there. Where is it, if I may?

That’s Banff.
Great golf course. My other passion.

Had a great cardio day today. Stretching and some good foam rolling.
Deadlift day tomorrow.

rock how old are you?

Had a great workout yesterday. Deads. Worked my way up to 2 x 315 x 8.
Felt like I could have easily lifted 50 lbs more with how good it felt.
Slow and steady though.

Cardio and good stretch day.
Back on the weights tomorrow.

Tough day lifting yesterday.
Cranked them out. Felt good but a bit of a struggle.
Bench felt good which is always a struggle for me but it felt good.
Time to start eating better with more protein and some suplimenting. Strength gains are a bit of more work than the early gains.
Hope everyone’s lifts are going well.

Welcome. Would be hard to concentrate with that view.