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Time to Start Logging

Been reading here for a while and decided to jump on board the ADD challenge and start a log. I have been lifting for 25+ years and jumped from program to program and logged terribly forever so this spoke to me. I have made progress but I believe my ADD has hindered my development in many ways. First I always jump ship when something new and interesting comes along and I see after reading the forum for a while it’s not just me. Also I tend to overdo everything. I hate rest days and deloads and usually get hurt after making progress which then sets me weeks back while I recover. My goals for this challenge are to stick to the program I choose including rest days and deloads and see where that puts me.
As for me I’m 44 6’2" and 225lbs. Was recently told at my physical that I’m 21% body fat but I dont think that’s accurate. If I get the nards up I’ll post a pic one day and see what you all think. Current prs squat 360
Bench 310
Ohp 210
Deadlift 420 straight bar definitely more with trap bar although not positive exactly.

I’m currently messing around with the program @JMaier31and @kleinhound are running and like it but plan on going back to one of the 5/3/1 versions for the challenge Sept 1st. I have a home gym and a gym at work but I’m limited by 75lb dumbells being the heaviest at both but have everything else I need. Sorry to ramble, legs after work today is when I’ll begin posting my training I suppose. I figure I’d practice leading up to the challenge as I’ve never done anything like this before.


Crossfit hybrid bodybuilding program day 6

I’ve been doing 60% so far for mostly everything and continued that tonight. I figure I’ll go up gradually. Pretty high reps so far. Legs tonight

Squats supersetted with trap bar deadlifts (first program I’ve ever put these two together and its tough!)
Squats 135x8
Tb deads 165x5
I threw in 1 set of goblet squats I saw on TNations Instagram page. Hold the first rep for 15 sec then do 15 reps. I used a 60 pound dumbell

Walking lunges 3x12 with 30 lb dumbells

Ab wheel 4x12

Death by snatch. Punked out on the prescribed weight and used 95. Supposed to be 115. And my snatches are more like muscle snatches. I got to 9 reps in the 9th minute. It was tough!

Pretty good workout!

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Liking the look of it mate. Keep it up

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Thanks man! I was just going to run the program for a few weeks until Sept 1st but I’m enjoying it so who knows.

Day 7 Crossfit hybrid bodybuilding program
Strict press
3x12 @145lbs ( a little more than 60% for this)
Supersetted with weighted wide grip pull ups
4x6 with 25lbs added

Incline bench 3x12@205lbs
Supersetted with ring rows 4x10 working fast here. No rest. Got tough on the last

Instead of the prescribed side lateral/bicep curl superset 3x12 and 4x10 we did a side lateral drop set from 30 lbs to 5lbs. Kicked my ass. Tried to do bicep curls after and shoulders disagreed.
Had to cut it there due to an errand at work but plan on doing the bicep curls and crossfit portion this evening. 24 hour shift so I may as well work out twice right?

Finished up this evening with amrap in 8 min of
300 meter row
15 push ups
7 box jumps
Got 4 rounds

Then barbell curls

Day 8.

Front squats 3x10@185lbs supersetted with stiff legged deadlifts 4x5@205lbs

Step ups 3x10 with 30 lb dumbells

Toes to bar 3x12 supersetted with tricep extension 3x20 ez curl bar with 25s

7 rounds for time of 5 chest to bar pull ups and 5 clean and jerks @135 lbs. (Prescribed 185 but I’m weak)

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Day 9 Bench

Flat bench 4x10 205,205,235,235 ss with:
Bent row 4x10 185

The workout called for weighted dips ss with dumbell rows but I dont own a dip bar currently so i did low incline trap bar press. Kinda sketchy but i really felt it especially in my triceps. Went light and slow.

Trap bar incline 3x10 185 ss with:
Dumbell row 3x12

dumbell curl 3x12 ss with:
dumbell tricep ext 3x12

Ran out of time and will do the crossfit part later

Day 10 High intensity interval bodybuilding
4x10 @ 235 ss:
4x5 @290

Lunges 3x14 used a 60lb sandbag front rack

Ab roller 4x12

Amrap in min 12 hang power snatch with 12 stoh
95lbs. Not many rounds lol

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These workouts are looking good. Keep it up!

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Thanks @JMaier31! You guys put me on to it and I appreciate it. Going well so far. I’m in a similar field as you and @kleinhound and I think this style suits me well.

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Good stuff brother, keep that up

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Day 11

Been fluctuating between 60 and 70% for main lifts also my dumbells are adjustable and only go to 71.5 so thats why you may see that number alot.

Seated db shoulder press 4x10@ 71.5lbs ss with
Weighted pull ups 5x6+30lbs

Incline bench 4x10@ 205,225,225,225 (last set was a grind) ss with
Seal row (subbed for ring row) 4x12@ 71.5 lbs

Reverse curl 4x10@65lbs ss with
Side raise 4x12 @27.5lbs

Run 800 meters (subbed with 400 meters lol HOT outside)
30 pull ups
30 wall ball shots (8lb ball is all I have)
Run 400 meters (subbed with 10 burpees cause im weak)
For time (no idea)

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Day 12

Ssb squat 3x12 @202lbs ss with
Stiff legged deadlifts 5x5@205,205,205,255,255

Subbed hatfield lunges(I guess that’s what you call em) for step ups. 3x28@132lbs I think

4x12 toes to bar as with
4x10 floor triceps extension

Skipped death by assault bike. Gonna do some kind of cardio today. Also my ssb bar is 62 pounds I believe. Thats why there are some weird numbers

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Also running out of time to make a decision for the ADD challenge. Torn between a 5/3/1 variation, high frequency squat program , or even at deep water. I’m all over the place!

I rank the high frequency squat program last!

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Thanks. I stink at squats. Was hoping to find a way to gain some ground on other lifts. I’ll give the deep water program a chance. Hopefully it doesn’t kill me. I also eat tons of carbs. I’m pretty sure he advises against almost all carbs so who knows…

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I forgot about the diet part. I’d like to think the training would work on a normal diet.

Same here. I think @T3hPwnisher ate carbs around his training and I hope to do that also. The meal plan in his book is crazy. It’s like 5 lbs of ground beef a day with a dozen eggs and veggies.

Yeah, even Jon is ok with carbs around training (or, more specifically, he says that, if you’re a carb user, only use them around training). I can’t shake the bro part of me that says to have them post training with a protein shake, so I do that. Otherwise, I naturally gravitate to low carb.

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