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Time to Start a Log

Let’s just get down to details.

5 day body part split

Monday: Chest
Tuesday: Back
Wednesday: Shoulders
Thursday: Legs
Friday: Arms

Goals: 500lb deadlift, increasing size and strength with a focus on size

Starting weight: ~80kg

I’m using a program I designed myself. I plan on changing 2 exercises in each workout every 4 weeks, at which point I’ll repost the routine for my convenience. Here it is:

Sets x Reps
1 x Reps = Reps

DB Press: 4Ã?8
BB Incline: 4x8
Combo Press: 3x10
Cable Crossover: 3Ã?12

Deadlift: 3, 2, 1, 5Ã?5
BB Row: 4Ã?8
Pull up: 4Ã?8
Lat Pulldown: 4Ã?8

Overhead press: 5x5
Shrugs: 4Ã?8
Upright row: 4Ã?8
Front raise: 3Ã?12

Romanian Deadlift: 3, 2, 1, 5Ã?5
Leg Curl: 4x8
Squat: 5x5
Leg Press: 4x8
Leg Extension: 4x8

Close Grip Bench Press: 4Ã?8
Tricep pushdown: 3Ã?12
Tricep overhead pulldown-thing: 4Ã?12

Reverse Curl: 3Ã?10
Cable Curl: 2Ã?15, 2Ã?10
High Cable Curl: 2Ã?15
Hammer Curl: 3Ã?10

– Monday 20th April 2009 –

DB Press: 4 x 8 (32kg)
BB Incline: 2 x 9 (70kg), 2 x 8 (70kg)
Combo Press: 3 x 10 (24kg)
Cable Crossover: 3 x 12 (25kg)

Deadlift: 1 (150kg), 1 (140kg), 5 x 5 (120kg) + Failed 160kg attempt at the beginning
BB Row: 2 x 8 (60kg), 2 x 8 (70kg)
Pull up: 4 x 8 (body weight)
Lat Pulldown: 4 x 8 (60kg)

Overhead press: 2 x 6, 2 x 5, 4 (60kg)
Shrugs: 4 x 8 (100kg)
Upright row: 4 x 8 (50kg)
Front lateral raise: 3 x 12 (12kg dbs)

Romanian Deadlift: 5 x 5 (120kg)
Squat: 3, 3 x 5, 8, 6 // kind of messing around trying to find my limit, since my squat sucks
Leg Extension: 3 x 8 (70kg), 12 (70kg)

Reverse Curl: 3 x 10 (32.5kg)
Cable Curl: 2 x 15, 2 x 10 (30kg)
Cable Crossover Front Double Bi-thing: 2 x 15 (15kg)
Close Grip Bench Press: 4 x 8 (70kg)
Tricep pushdown: 3 x 12 (50kg)
Tricep overhead pulldown-thing: 4 x 12 (45kg)
Hammer Curl: 3 x 10 (14kg)

Usually I would split this into 5 obvious parts, and do it Monday-Friday, taking the weekend off. Instead I moulded it into one 6 hour fun fest, since I won’t be able to hit the gym this week. Oh, and the leg part was seriously neglected. I would usually do a couple more exercises for both quads and hams.

– Monday 27th April –

That week off did nothing good for me; I lost weight, I look smaller, and I feel weak(er than usual).


DB Bench: 8 (30kg), 5 (34kg), 4 x 2 (34kg), 2 (34kg)
Incline BB Bench: 10 (52.5kg), 9 (52.5kg), 2 x 5 (57.5kg)
Combo Press: 2 x 8 (26kg), 2 x 6 (26kg)
Cable Crossover: 12 (30kg), 11 (35kg), 7 (35kg) + 3 (30kg)

Pretty god damn awful day. I just hope my deadlift has gotten better, we’ll see tomorrow. :frowning:

– Tuesday 28th April –

Today didn’t go too great. I don’t think the deadlift structure is working out for me - i.e. just trying to lift as heavy as I can all the time. I’m going to stick to 3x5 or 5x5 from now on, and just focus on gradually increasing, getting solid reps.

The exercises are a little less concise today, because I have some notes and stuff I want to mix in there at the appropriate places.

Back and a little bit of biceps and forearms, I guess

3 (107.5kg)
1 Failed (147.5kg) (overhand grip) + 1 (147.5kg) (mixed grip, my grip was fucked before I even started, what the hell? Although, I guess this is pretty close to my max)
1 Failed (157.5kg) - PR attempt

5 x 5 (117.5kg),

MIGHT be 127.5kg, seriously, I meant to put on 127.5kg, did 5 reps, looked at the bar and was like “damn, I didn’t put on enough, good job too!”

Now I think back, I think I may have mis-looked since I remember taking the 5s off and putting 10s on instead - about 99% sure I did - (4x20, 2x10, 2x2.5, 2x1.25, 20) = 127.5, of course, if those were 5s then it was 10 less, who knows, I’ll put it down as 117 though.

BB Row:
8 (60kg) warmup-sort of, took about 2-3 minutes rest (I only take 90-120 seconds anyway, but 3 minutes is a little longer) before moving on to actually doing the exercise, since I took no rest between this and doing the deadlifts

8 (65kg), 3 x 8 (70kg)

I was planning on doing 10x3 (10 sets of 3), like explained in that recent article, but it kind of just wasn’t happening, so I did:

3, 3, 2

Rope Lat Pulldown
Lat Pulldown machine was taken - fuckers - but I actually forgot this exercise (it was the one I was planning to do, haha).

3 x 8 (65kg)
5 (70kg) + few seconds pause + 3 (70kg)

Reverse Curl
4 (32.5kg) + 10 (28.5kg), 9 (28.5kg), 6 (28.5kg) - my grip had just gone on that last; really couldn’t perform any more

Hammer Curls
Alternating and standing - does that even matter? Anyway…

9 (18kg DBs), 2 x 8 (18kg DBs)

Tried a bunch of forearm type stuff at the end - wrist curls specifically; can’t say I like them much.

One good thing to note though, I’m now hovering around 80-81kg, before the week off I was hovering between 79-80, so I’ve added a bit of weight. :smiley:

– Wednesday 29th April –

I’m hovering around 81kg-83kg, which is great. Fucking serious DOMs from yesterday and Monday, which is also great, since I never usually get DOMs, at all . I was thinking about pushing Shoulders day back/moving it/whatever, since I also had serious shoulder DOMs - I’m like the worst recoverer ever right now - and I didn’t want the workout to suffer.

I went ahead, and it didn’t really suffer, well, okay, my grip is still fucked, so it suffered because of that. Back day not only killed my grip, it also ripped off my callouses, which is kind of shit.



Overhead Press

(6, 6, 5, 4, 4) (70kg)

This can’t be right. My BB row is the same as my bench, is the same as my overhead press. Wtf?


Fuck me, my back and grip just wouldn’t let me do these at all. I loaded up only about 120kg. Deadlifted it up into shrug position, wait, no, grip is gone. Okay, I’ll try mixed. Get into position again, maybe 1 or 2 shrugs. No, that definitely isn’t happening. Fuck this though, I’m not pussying out. Get into position again; okay, I’m pussying out, my hands are all slippery, wtf? I can only assumed it’s because the fucking callous on my left hand has ripped off and is all bleeding/puss? Seriously, what the hell is this stuff?

I took 5kgs off each side, deadlifted it into position a couple times. Nope. I’m not dropping to 100kg, that’s what I was doing the other week! So fuck it, I’ll try a smith. My back is killing me now, I had pretty nice lower back DOMs from yesterday.

I set up the smith, but that just isn’t happening either, at all. My hands are slippery as fuck and I can’t hold onto this bar for the life of me. So I had to do some other exercises instead.

Going to think about re-arranging my workout schedule, so that my shoulder day doesn’t suffer from back day. Maybe do 6 days a week or something.

Upright Row

2 x 8 (45kg)
7 and a half - 8 (50kg)
// wasn’t really happy with the heigh I pulled up to on the last rep of that set (3rd)
6 + 5 seconds rest + 2 (50kg)

Shoulder Press

Palms facing.

This is a machine-thing. Really don’t like the way this feels; I thought it’d be similar to dumbell shoulder pressing, but it doesn’t feel like that at all, it’s just weird. I’ll keep doing it though.

3 x 8 (80kg)
7 + 5 seconds + 1 (80kg)

Front Raise

with DBs; people do them with BBs? not sure, just wanted to make it clear for my own notes though

8 (14kg)
7 (14kg) // broke from these a bit early, as the reps were going low and didn’t want to compromise the last set
8 (14kg) // yeah, 8, I know, looks fucked up


Won’t be going to the gym tomorrow, I’m sort of glad though - although more pissed than glad - since it’s a co-workers birthday and we’re going out to lunch, I can’t really miss that. I’m going to be hungry as fuck too. Anyway, I’ll get a bit of a rest so I can really pummel the legs hard, but it means I’ll have to do one of two things:

  • Skip arms day
  • Do arms after work on friday (crazily busy, I mean, super super busy you can barely breathe and walk around busy)
  • Do arms on saturday

I think I’m going to go with the saturday option, haven’t decided yet though. Maybe even legs on saturday, so I can take my time to really kill them.

– Friday 1st May –

Well, today was okay training wise. My lower back was still tight from back day, so Romanian Deadlifts suffered - well, they kind of did, I took less rest between reps (usually I take like 10 seconds to reset, I realised I was taking almost 30 seconds if not more at times, so I am making sure I take almost no time between reps now. Anyway, that’s harder than taking 30 seconds rest between each rep, which is why it’s a little lower this week).


Romanian Deadlift

5 x 5 :: (100kg, 120kg, 120kg, 110kg, 110kg)

Leg Curl

4 x 8 (70kg)


5 x 5 :: (52.5kg, 62.5kg, 72.5kg, 72.5kg, 82.5kg)

Leg Press

8 x 150kg + 8 x 150kg (wasn’t close enough to begin with)
2 x 8 (150kg)
8 (160kg)

Leg Extension

3 x 8 (75kg)
8 x (80kg)


Okay, so, that was during lunch. Then I was super pissed just before I left work, and well, that’s a bit of a not-very-relevant-but-sort-of-relevant-because-it-fucks-up-my-workout-schedule story, so I went to the gym to do arms, to vent some anger I guess.

Pretty busy, but not too busy, since I left work a bit later than usual. Equipment was sort of hard to get a hold of though.


Close Grip Bench Press

2 x 8 (70kg)
8 (72.5kg)
6 (72.5kg) // I actually got stuck because I tried to go too far - without a spotter - must have looked pretty funny, lol :-/

Reverse Curl

10 (31kg)
7 (33.5kg)
8 (33.5kg) - kind of swung it up there a bit and concentrated on doing a slow negative, more than usual anyway
7 (33.5kg) - this set was actually more controller up and down than the previous, had to work on negatives (particularly) on the last 3 or so reps

High Cable Curl

2 x 15 (15kg)

Cable Curl

2 x 15 (30kg)
2 x 10 (35kg)

Hammer Curl

10, 9, 8 :: (18kg)

Tricep Pushdown

10 (55kg)
3 x 8 (60kg)
8 (65kg)

Tricep overhead pulldown thing - seriously, what is this called?

2 x 12 (50kg)

fucking told some guy I was on my last set (he wanted to use the machine) walked off, a minute later realised I wasn’t, but it was a bit late and my triceps felt pumped; I don’t think it’ll matter too much


One thing I need to do is find a consistent way to format these reps/sets/weights, keeping them readable, but concise. I don’t like what I’m doing right now, and I’m kind of mixing styles in places.

All in all, a good day. As I’ll be going to the gym after work from now on (fucking seriously blows huge chunks) I might start adding in some more volume, since I’ll have more time.

Going to start taking measurements every month or so. Wish I had some way of taking decent pictures, but I don’t have a camera with a timer. All I’ve got is a tiny bathroom mirror and my phone. I’m seriously contemplating investing in a camera just to track my progress.

Neck: 16.5"
Chest: 41"
Waist: 35"
Upper Arm: 15.5"
Forearm: 13"
Thigh: 23.25"
Calf: 16.75"

I think that covers everything. All measurements being utterly pathetic of course. :frowning:

– Sunday 3rd May –

My lifting schedule is changing :frowning:

So it’s going to go something like this from now on:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Shoulders
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Arms
Friday: Off
Saturday: Chest
Sunday: Back

Might go in during lunch to do either forearms or abs for 10-20 minutes; seriously, not going to the gym during lunch is going to fucking suck. Also going to add some tricep and bicep work on the end of chest and back day, since I’ll have more time now

Changed some exercises, so new chest routine is:

Dips: 4 x 8
Bench Press: 4 x 8
Combo Press: 4 x 8
Flyes: 4 x 8



4 x 8 (Body weight)

Kind of easy. Really fucking wish someone hadn’t stole the fucking chain for the dip belt - seriously, why would you steal the chain? Also, a friend’s chain got stolen too from his personal belt. Fuckers. It means I can’t do weighted dips, unless I buy my own belt. Will probably wait until I’m a little better at pullups first though.

Bench Press

8 (62.5kg)
8, 7, 8 (67.5kg)

I could have done more here.

Combo Press

3 x 8 (26kg)
8 (28kg)


4 x 8 (22kg)

Seriously, what the hell? before I took a break from flyes and did crossovers I was doing 22kg x 3 x 12 easily.

Tricep (Extra stuff)

Tricep Pushdown

8, 6, 7, 8 (60kg)

Felt really weak on these today. Can’t really explain the increasing reps, lol. Maybe I was cheating or something.

Lying overhead tricep press

Uhh, I can’t remember how much weight, or how many reps. I was just trying to get a feel for the exercise more than anything. Can’t say I like it particularly.


Overall, an okay-bad day. Back tomorrow though. :smiley:

oh yeah, this week Chest and Back day are shifted forwards one more day than normal, since I did arms on Friday and they needed a rest.

– Monday 4th May –

Today was generally pretty good. I’m happy with it, anyway.



5 x 5 :: 125kg

Deadlifts were awesome today; they felt easy. I could have definitely done a bit more.

BB Row

3 x 8, 1 x 6 :: 72.5kg

Uhh, the only reason I didn’t get 8 on the last set was because I was getting pissed off at not feeling “it” when I do this exercise. I’m totally sure my form blows, so I’m going to really look into it for next time.

Vertical Row

(machine thing)

3 x 8 :: 75kg
1 x 8 :: 80kg

Rope Lat Pulldown

4 x 8 :: 70kg



Cable Curl

1 x 10, 1 x 12 :: 40kg
1 x 8 :: 45kg
1 x 8 :: 50kg

Easy. Should have done more.

Hammer Curl

1 x 10, 1 x 8 :: 18kg


Really happy with the deadlifts. Everything else was sort of okay/good ish.

Oh yeah, I’m getting really pissed off at not formatting this log consistently. I think I like the style I used in this post, so may continue with that from now on.

– Tuesday 5th May –

This day was pretty alright. Gym was somewhat less busy than it usually is after work - I say somewhat, but after going on Wednesday, I mean A HELL OF A LOT.


DB Overhead Seated Press

3 x 8, 1 x 7 :: 26kg


1 x 8 :: 100kg
1 x 8, 1 x 6 :: 120kg
(1 x 3 :: 120kg) + (1 x 7 :: 100kg)
1 x 8 :: 100kg

Thinking of dropping the shrug. I never feel like it does anything for me, but at the same time, since my grip is always giving out, I can’t help but think it’s going to be vital to increasing my DL.

Shoulder Press (machine)

3 x 8 :: 85kg
1 x 6 :: 90kg

Old Man Standing Raises?

Not sure what this exercise is called, but I held two DBs in each hand in a static hold thing, up to about my hips.

5 x 30 seconds w/ 30 seconds between :: 28kg


Sort of went okay. I really never get a good feeling in my shoulders though; as if I’ve really worked them. Except maybe in seated DB press and military press, and other overhead pressing motions. I’m not sure if I should feel anything. Whatever…

Oh yeah, I learnt the other day, those ‘Overhead presses’ I’ve been listing in my other workouts, were actually a combination of Overhead Press and Push press. I’d start out doing an Overhead press, when that got a bit too hard, I’d add a little bit of leg thrust, albeit it, not as much as I should to qualify for a good push press.

– Wednesday 6th May –

This day sucked balls. Fucking gym was super packed. I had to go home and come back later, even then it was pretty god damn busy. I thought there was something wrong with me, as I walked back I was thinking “you’ve walked 4 miles just to do squats and romanian deadlifts, you fucking idiot”


Romanian Deadlift

5 x 5 :: 125kg

Arched my back super loads here. I shouldn’t expect my Romanian DLs to match my regular DLs, but I do anyway, because if I do less I feel like I copped out. I’m pretty sure my regular DL sucks though, as far as technique goes.

Leg Curl

4 x 8 :: 75kg

These are getting hard now.

Leg Press

3 x 10 :: 130kg

Couldn’t get in the squat rack, so I figured I’d do some light Leg Presses to warm me up, and see how it worked out. I think slightly higher volume on the leg press works better for me, so next week I’ll probably go for -3 x 12 x 140kg-, but AFTER squats; hopefully.


1 x 5 :: 72.5kg
1 x 5 :: 82.5kg
3 x 5 :: 72.5kg

Man, squats were seriously shit this week. Halfway through (well, on the 2nd set) I was like “I think my form blows.” So I concentrated on breaking from the hips and sitting back, like I used to, my knees didn’t go forward, and I got the same problem that I used to; basically, the squats got much fucking harder.

I’m at a fucking loss here. I never felt squats were right for me, but apparently they’re some magic exercise that I can’t progress without, so I should definitely do them. I will keep doing them, but that doesn’t mean I have to like them.

Leg Extension

4 x 8 :: 80kg


A pretty awful day, although I was less able to walk than normal.

– Thursday 7th May –


Tricep Pushdown

(3 :: 70kg) + (7 :: 65kg)
3 x 8 :: 65kg

I seem to be getting weaker at these, but I might stop them in general. Pretty sure I’m leaning forward and using my chest, a lot. Been doing them for a while now. I think they work though, maybe I’ll take a 2-4 week break and come back to them.

Close Grip Bench

(3 :: 72.5kg) + (8 :: 62.5kg)
2 x 8 :: 62.5kg
1 x 8 :: 67.5kg

I wish I could explain why the weights on my bench presses are yoyoing, I really do.

Tricep Bar Overhead Push thing behind the head thing

2 x 8, 1 x 6 :: 20kg on the bar (no idea how much the bar weighs, it might be an olympic one


Not very happy with that day. Not to mention I was rushing through everything like a fucking madman.

– Friday 8th May –

Biceps + Forearms

Reverse Curl

3 x 10 :: 33.5kg

Hammer Curl

3 x 9 :: 20kg

High Cable Curl

2 x 10 :: 20kg

Cable Curl

2 x 10, 1 x 8 :: 55kg


Didn’t do forearms, even though I finished with a spare bit of time. I simply forgot. I tried to think of other things to do, but nothing came to mind.

Anyway, as you can see, due to my new fucking schedule change, I’m having to split arms day up, which I’m not very happy about. Especially if I can do bis/forearms during lunch one time. I don’t want to have to go back at 9pm just to do those, but I will, if I have to.

Anyway… So I guess now I’m doing a 6 day split:

Monday: Off
Tuesday: Shoulders
Wednesday: Legs
Thursday: Triceps
Friday: Biceps
Saturday: Chest + Triceps
Sunday: Back + Biceps

Chest today, woot.

– Saturday 9th May –

Today was sort of very enjoyable. Didn’t necessarily stick to my usual layout or anything, but it felt good. Even though I only did 3 exercises for Chest, I didn’t feel I needed to do more, so I didn’t. Sort of messed a bit with the Tricep stuff, just focusing on how the exercises felt, not worrying about rest times, exact numbers of sets + reps; so I won’t list what I did there, but I did a fair bit.


Bench Press

1 x 8 :: 62.5kg
2 x 8 :: 67.5kg
1 x 8 :: 70kg


Took these real nice and slow, and deep as I could go. Kind of brought back that pain I was having a while back, lol. Not sure whether or not to keep this exercise. I think it may be the reason I did so little today. I’ll do it for another couple of weeks anyway, and see what happens.

4 x 8 :: Body weight

Chest Press (machine)

Man, I felt like I was going to fuck tear my chest on this. Not sure if it was because of the dips - i.e. it just enhanced the feeling of pain I got from those - or if it was because of the fucked up movement on this machine.

2 x 12, 1 x 10 :: 75kg


I’m just going to keep a record of what exercises I tried out.

Tricep Overhead pull thing (w/ wiggly silver bar)

This is good. I will definitely do it again. Not sure if it’s much better than when I use the rope. I think it gives a better pump in the triceps (using the bar), but it’s sort of more uncomfortable to hold. Slightly harder to get into position too. I’ll try the bar on Chest day, the rope on Tricep day. See which I like best over the next couple weeks.

Tricep Pushdown

I’ve already been doing this for a while, but today made sure not to lean forward too much, didn’t count reps, just wacked out a load with a lighter weight. I don’t really have anything to say about this. It still feels good so I’ll continue doing it.

Tricep overhead DB standing pullover thing

Don’t know what this exercise is called. I didn’t really like it much though. I think I prefer to just use the tricep bar for these; then I feel it a lot more, and it’s far easier to hold.


Overall, a pretty good day. Can’t wait for tomorrow. Deadlifts. :smiley:

– Sunday 10th May –

Today was sort of pretty alright. My grip was fucked though. I don’t know why I felt the need yesterday to kill my grip, but I did, and as a result, it made the deadlift pretty hard. I noticed my form suffers badly when as my grip gets weaker. In fact, I managed to build some badass callouses and have them ripped off within my sets of deads, lol.



4 x 5 :: 132.5kg
(4 :: 132.5kg) + (1 :: 130kg)

I didn’t think my grip would hold out for the last rep on the last set. I couldn’t even do overhand grip this week. Basically used mixed the whole time, which is pretty annoying. Last week I was doing overhand for almost all my reps with ease. :frowning:

Either way, I’m determined to hit 3 plates a side for 5 x 5 next week. 1-2 weeks more and I should be doing 5x5 with my PR.

Seated Cable Row

As I said, my form suffered in the deadlift, and I didn’t feel like I’d be able to do BB Rows, especially since I hadn’t researched the form yet. The weight stack in our gym - on the cable, well, actually EVERY machine - sucks balls.

4 x 8 :: 113kg

Did a lot of, I guess, warmup. Could have done quite a bit more here. Not sure I’m going to stick with them or not yet though.

Rope Lat Pulldown

3 x 8 :: 75kg
1 x 6 :: 80kg

Felt really good on these today.

Vertical Row (machine)

3 x 8 :: 80kg
1 x 7 :: 85kg


Did some biceps at the end too; but nothing with any kind of structure.

– Tuesday 12th May –

Today was okay, my hands were raw as fuck after the shrugs though, so I figured I’d drop the standing raises today; didn’t really feel like I needed to do more anyway.


DB Seated Overhead Press

2 x 8, 2 x 6 :: 28kg


1 x 8 :: 122.5kg
3 x 8 :: 112.5kg

Considering my hands, these actually went pretty good. Accidentally put more weight on than I planned, haha.

Shoulder Press (machine)

4 x 8 :: 90kg

pretty sure that was 7 reps on the last two sets, but I’ve written it down as 8, so I guess I’ll just have to push myself extra hard next week


Looking back, this was actually a really decent day. I can’t see my grip holding up against romanian deadlifts tomorrow because of my hands, but I’ll sure as hell try. I don’t want my deads to suffer because of my grip is the only thing that would make me take it a bit easier I guess.

– Wednesday 13th May –


Romanian Deadlift

2 x 5 :: 130kg
1 x 4 :: 120kg

Not sure what the fuck happened here. I can’t remember. I think it was my grip not holding up, but I better make these deadlifts at the weekend. I’m going be seriously pissed if I don’t.

Leg Curl

2 x 8, 1 x 7, 1 x 8 :: 80kg

Leg Press

2 x 12 :: 140kg
1 x 12 :: 150kg

Leg Extension

3 x 8 :: 85kg


No squats, but I don’t feel like I needed them. I’m sort of pissed off at myself though - and I was at the time too - because I felt like I was making excuses for not-doing an exercise I don’t like.

– Thursday 14th May –


Close Grip Bench Press

3 x 8 :: 65kg
1 x 8 :: 67.5kg

These were fucking easy, and that’s it, there is no fucking way I will ever do less weight on these again. If I can’t do this much next week, it’s time for a routine tweak.

Tricep Bar Standing Overhead Push Thing

3 x 8 :: 20kg

These were good, I think I did 4 sets, using a little more weight on the last, but I haven’t written it down, so perhaps I didn’t.


Did a bunch of other stuff. Tricep dip thing (machine), tricep dips, one-arm tricep pushdowns. Just basically smashed my triceps, but didn’t use any particular structure.

– Friday 16th May –

Didn’t write anything down today, but I sort of remember quite a bit.


Reverse Curl

3 x ~10 :: 33.5kg

Can’t seem to increase the fucking weight on these, it’s pissing me off. Pretty sure I did more reps/better reps than last time though.

Cable Curl

2 x 12 :: 55kg
1 x 10 :: 60kg

High Cable Curl

1 x 15, 1 x 12 :: 20kg

Figured I’d do a bunch of one arm tricep pushdowns (12 x 20kg +[[ 12 x 25kg) while I was at the cable machine, not that it really matters.

Hammer Curl

2 x 12, 1 x 10 :: 16kg


An okay day.

Okay, this kind of sucks, but I left my iPhone in the gym yesterday, and not surprisingly, it is now gone. Anyway, it had all my logs on it for the last week - been too busy to post them up here - soo, I don’t have anything to go on for next week, but I’ll post what I can vaguely remember.

Saturday: Chest
Sunday: Back
Monday: Shoulders
Tuesday: Legs
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Triceps
Friday: Biceps


I’m pretty sure I did

Bench Press, Dips, Chest Press, Flyes

All for 4 x 8, except for flyes which were 2 x 12, 1 x 11 (20kg, 20kg, 24kg). No idea of weights, except for flyes.


Deadlifts were shit. I think I did 140kg x 2 x 5, then 140kg x 3, fucking grip went completely though. Afterwards I kind of felt like I pussied out. I’m going to start doing high rep deadlifts now (6-8 reps) to work on grip, and I had enough room to turn to the side and watch myself in the mirror. My form sucks balls. So I’m going to do some light weight high rep deadlifts for a few weeks, work on grip, work on form, looking forward to it.

pretty sure I did cable rows for 3 x 12 x 122kg or around that (w/ V-bar-thing)

can’t remember what I else I did


DB Overhead Press: 28kg x 4 x 8

Shoulder Press, DB Shrugs, Old man standing raises


didn’t do as much for legs today, Squats first are waaaay better than starting out with Romanian Deadlifts and then doing Squats

Squats, Leg Press, Leg Extensions


mix and match of different stuff, I can remember a few things

one arm pushdowns, tri overhead push thing w/wiggly bar, tri pushdowns, tricep kickbacks, canadian black eyes


reverse curls, cable curls, hammer curls, concentration curls, wrist curls, high cable curls, toomanythingsendingin curls