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Time to Say: 'Enough'


Hello everyone.
I am Natalia. 30 years old, I am overweight, arround 95 kg at the moment, 174 cm height.
I dont eat right. This was my lunch (see the picture), that's why my figure is fat, I look bad.
I dont exercize.
But this was my past. It is time to say: ENOUHG! And I am saying it right now!

My goals are:
1. Learn how to eat and train.
2. Loose fat. I want to be 64 kg till the end of September, this year.
3. Hold the results.

On Friday I will put on my log my dimentions and exact weight.


You should get on Mark Rippetoe's "Starting Strength". I think it is the absolute best program for beginners. I would link something here, but I don't think I'm allowed to, so just put the phrase in google to find out what the program is! Also, explore the concept of "eating clean" it will probably be a good idea to start paying attention to calories and go through a purification phase where you are super strict, cut out sugar, and primarly eat protein, fat and fibrous carbs like legumes and green leafy vegetables. The most crucial ingredient to your success will be the will to achieve! Make sure your mind is made up and you have your head dead set on your goals. Best of luck to you! I hope you keep up with tracking progress.


are you into any kind of strength training or lifting yet? Any kind of sport that you like to do?

oh--and are you from abroad? the metric system always throws me off :stuck_out_tongue:


you want to lose 31kg by september?


Not a realistic goal. Or at least not feasible in a healthy manner. If you drop too fast, you'll gain it all back most likely. Take it slow. Remember, the tortoise wins the race. [Says one who tends to function as a hare.]


maybe if she cut off a leg...


Oh stop.


I would say a realistic time frame to lose that much while also changing your body composition for the better would be about a year and a half to two years, depending on if you're consistent and if you backslide at all. The first 30lbs will come off pretty fast and then you will have to start busting through some plateaus. Hey, you are 30 now which means you can have the body of your dreams by 32, which is more than most people can say. Do it.


you might even start feeling good half way thru your goal! you never know, with the right program, you could look pretty awesome at any weight. I think just getting into it will be quite a positive experience.


For the first goal, you'll find a lot of folks here, me included, really dig precision nutrition.
here's a link to a 40 page free overview that's about learning practical nutrition habits.

and if you find you want more, here's one of a few linked reviews about why this approach (as far as i and my clients think) works.

Once you get going with a good plan and a way to monitor your progress, you'll also get a sense of what's reasonable for you in terms of progress in gaining lean mass/burning off fat.

the nice thing about habits rather than diet is that once you have the approach internalized, maintaining that practice is just part of your life - as any habits are.

hope that helps

dr mc schraefel


Losing 30% of your body weight in 2-3 months is nowhere near realistic.
When you make unrealistic goals, you set yourself up for failure.
When you're fat, and you want to look better, failing is motivation to quit, so try not to do it.
Set your goals low, achieve them, constantly achieve success, keep motivated, keep working(hard) towards the final goal, and don't give up.


p.s. don't listen to me, I can't stay on a diet for more than 2 weeks.