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Time to Reduce BodyFat


Hi guys, this is my first post in t-mag, i read alot from t-mag and it does gave me the results i want, thanks! Anyway, i am currently facing with a problem (sorry if it sounds n00bish) How do i get lean so as not to lose much mass on my body? Friends advised me to go on a 3 meals per day diet,but i used to take 6 meals. So is there any other way besides dieting?
P/S : I have not seen myself with abs in my whole life!


Have a read of this






Here ya go look over these,my personal fave is the anabolic but I also think the Velocity and the T-Dawg 2.0 are great.Btw don't cut back to 3 meals a day.Your friends are twits.Keep eating 6-8 times a day just cut back your overall calorie intake.Most of the diets on the link I posted have a method for figuring out calories.