Time to Recover

Hello everyone my name is Frank,
i am new in this forum,

I have been cycling on and off for long time now, my current stats are 28 years old , 1.80 height and 88kg and have been training since i am 20 years old.

I have done long and short cycles. short cycles being 2 month and even gone as long as 7 months cycles.

I have never used any PCT even when i used gear for a long time.
after every cycle, i have never felt low libido, deppressed, impotent, or any negative effect thats why i thought pct wasnt necessary, i only loose weight.

My last cycle consisted of 750mg sustanon and 400mg tren e per week for 6 months.
Went from 82 kg to 92kg… been off for 3 months and am currently at 88kg.
I had no side effects at all… jut a bit of acne on my back and lots of hunger.
The only side effect i have ever gotten since i began the roid journey is acne.

I just did a total testosterone lab test last week and my testosterone levels are within the normal levels.

from what i read a test and tren cycle for 6 months should be very suppressive, i was surprised when 3 months after this cycle with no pct i was within normal test levels.

So would you recommend me any other lab tests ?? or total t is enough? Is being unable to get normal testosterone levels the only thing one should be worried about after cycles? Could i began another cycle if i wanted to ??

Thanks :slight_smile:

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TT, FT, E2, FSH, LH, SHBG should do it

What are your actual levels (with lab ranges)? Normal range doesn’t necessarily mean good.

Stake on cancer! If your endogenous secretion wasn’t supressed after that hell…

  1. Name another pharmacy that you used(including drugs and plants)
  2. Show LH and T levels

Hello Dexter, this are the results…
Total testosterone: 5.71 ng/ml
BiolĂłgical reference: 1.94 - 9.23 ng/ml

What do you think about it ??

Well I suppose my endogenous test was suppressed for some time. However 3 months after cycle (6 months test and tren) my results showed:

Total test: 5.71 mg/ml
Reference: 1.94 - 9.23 mg/ml

I did not use any other pharmacy stuff, only tren e (400mg / week) and sustanon (750mg / week)

So, I stake on cancer again…
Read tables from Sci-Hub | International Journal of Sports Medicine, 25(4), 257–263 | 10.1055/s-2004-819936
Your LH should be slightly higher above zero or zero. And testosterone much more lower.
Plus there MUST be symptoms of lowering hormones without PCT after your wild pharm-trip.

I make a bet that you have producing tumour - in testicles/hypophysis/hypothalamus.
Or may be in renal cortex.

1.1 Analysis for LH. If it will be around 0, with your testosterone it’s = tumour in testicles/renal cortex.
2. Palpate your testicles. There should be no any tumescence. They should be simmetrical by consistence.If OK:
3. Then check them again with doctor. If all OK: check your cortisol/ACTH and renal cortex under doctor’s vision.

1.2. If your LH will be in reference/higher/slightly lower= tumour in hypophysis/hypothalamus. Do MRI.

Good luck!

Upd: forgot about obvious thing. You not used gonadotropin and your testicles after your course should be as raisins. If not - bad news.

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Hello thanks for your respone,

The article you attached talks about spermatogenesis during cycle…
I goy my appointment for LH levels and doctor tommorrow… will get back to you with the results…

I feel fine… i dont think i got low hormone symptoms… i feel the same as i felt during cycle. I actually lift almost the same weight in the gym.

But can you give me your opinion on my total test levels ???
they are

5.71 ng/ml
references: 1.94 - 9.23 ng/ml

do you consider this levels a good sign of recovery ??

Mid range is a lot better than being at the low end of the range. If you feel good then I’d say congrats

See at table 3.
Chance of tumour is much more higher than you have phenomenal biochemistry and speed of recovery.
This level of testosterone is so high for 3 months after your course.

And it can’t be exogenous test. It could be if you would used very long ethers of testosterone. But even for undecylenate it’s high.

UPD: And analyse prolactin. It should be higher than reference if you used real tren.

Hopefully it is phenomenal speed of recovery and not a tumor …

I dont think its a tumor. After your response I immediately called my aas local supplier, he’s been selling to competitors for over 6 years. He told me that he sells aas to several competitors trying to get to pro that have been cycling without stopping for 2 - 3 years and never has he ever known someone who’d gotten cancer.

I mean maybe you know someone who has gotten tumors after long cycles but maybe its not that common righ?

And yes the levels of testosterone according to the lab test are in their normal range… again hopefully it is a fast recovery.

Anyways I got my appointment tommorrow will share with you results :+1:

Thanks for your help :blush:

Lol… Steroids can only supress cancer in HPG-axis. Not cause it.

Thanks for that info, new knowledge for me.

Anyways, he told me he hasn’t seen a tumor case in his 6 years of selling steroids to bodybuilders. Not even in cases where they use non stop for 2 - 3 years. Maybe it isn’t as common as you think.

He told me the only substance he has seen that can kill is insulin, one of his customers apperantly nearly died after using it.

and by looking at my lab tests… what would you conclude ? Phenomenal biochemistry and speed of recovery ? Or why would they be at that level after 3 months ? As you said it can’t be exogenous test.

Wait analyses…

Insulin’s style of killing I like more. It’s fast, obvious and simple to prevent.
If it not killed you - you get only profit in any case. His biochemistry is very simple and safe.
Steroids kill slower and dirtily - through heart, blood, bloodflow, liver, immunity, genotoxicity, etc. There harder to read any analyses for doctor if you sick.

So, I after years of my pharm experience, consider anyone must begin with insulin, not steroids.