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Time to Re-Invent Myself

I have been visiting t-nation for while now and reading the various articles,tips,posts and such I havecome to the conclusion that I wish to change my training.Although my drive has never diminished and my strength levels have increased but I feel I need a change.I have visited some of the sites related to various contributers here at t-nation and am leaning towards trying some of coach Davies renegade training programs.I am not an athlete but feel that I would like more out of my body as over the years I have lost explosive strength, flexability and probably have various imbalances throughout my body.I would appreciate any thoughts or comments from you.

I have followed several of Coach Davies programs and have had wonderful success.

Although the programs are extremely tough, they are worth it in the end. You will be in the best condition of your life. And you will have explosive speed, agility and flexibility. Many also make fantastic strength gains. I lost strength on some programs but gained it on others. Much of that would also have to deal with the fact that I was trying to get leaner and was slowly cutting calories, thus sapping some strength.

I am no longer using renegade training, but it is something I always hold close to me and utilize many of the concepts in my daily training.

Go for it! Just make sure you follow it to a “T” and eat accordingly.