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Time to Quit

I’ve already seen how this forum feels about cigarettes,and I know I need to quit. Have any of you T-maggers been smokers? How did you quit? (patches,gum,cold turkey) I think I’m gonna need some help with this

Its hard man but just stick with it. I was a smoker and quit cold turkey, and it really wasnt that hard. I think it all depends on your will power and how much you want to quit. Just tell yourself that you dont want it or need it.

Zyban helped me quit after the gum and patches couldn’t. After about a week and a half I really didn’t want a cigarette. The people I work with told me that after the second week of the meds I was actually a pleasure to work with because I wasn’t snapping at everything that was said or done and that when I ran out they would pony up for more. Additionally, no more snot octopi when I take a hot shower, my clothes don’t stink, and my b.o. dosen’t smell like battery acid.

Cold turkey. Just do it bro, you gotta have self determination.

I just quit drinking.:)It also probably helps that I live in CA and almost no one here smokes(well…cigarettes anyways). Too expensive and no where to smoke except outdoors, simply put just too inconvient.

I’m going to bring up a subject that peeves alot of people on this board, SMOKING POT:
1.who on this board does?
2.how often?
3. who does NOT smoke pot on this board?
4. why not [never tried it ? or didn’t like it ? etc.]
5.for those of you that used to smoke a lot of pot but have stopped [wether it’s 1 week or 1 year or 1 decade or one day :
1.why did you quit ?
2.do you feel better?
3.how did you quit ?
4. what other advise would you give to a "borderline quitter or the infrequent user
who is on the fence about givin up or cuttin way down on the weed?

Just read yesterday that 90% of ex-smokers who smoked just one more cigarette started smoking full time again. If you’re going to quit, you HAVE to tell yourself that you’re done forever; else you’ll have an excuse to start up again and most likely will.

And Randy: you may want to start another thread for this topic… and prepare yourself for flame war.

i have noticed this forum is against pot use,
i never said i was for it or against it.
i would like to get some people’s input
if they want to flame, then go ahead.
i think it would be a very interesting discussion>

I quit with the help of zyban 3 years ago - zyban made me depressed and forgetfull for about 4 weeks and I almost lost my job but it was worth it.
I smoke half a joint every night and maybe a bit more on weekends - It’s my way to relax when I get home from the gym and a stressfull job. I think it’s better than drinking and I dont believe it’s hindered any of the goals I have persued. I know it’s not good for your lungs and I plan on quiting when I have kids.

Just wanted to note that among other benefits, I have become much more vascular since I stopped smoking and I have way more energy, oh and I dont smell like shit anymore.

Everytime I quit I gained a ton of weight. I would then get depressed and start back up again so I got a tongue ring. It was mostly an oral fixation with me after that and I played with the ring whenever I was craving one. I have not smoked cigarettes for several years now and only enjoy the occasional cigar. Took the ring out though.

Randy—Start a new thread with taht one…this one will get to cluttered and confusing.

Hey burn, good luck. I think your better off with the patch or something, no need to suffer when you don't have to. Welbutrin is really nasty mood altering shit, I don't recommend it, but it works for some people. Personally, I think you should keep smoking. It's better that way.

I started smoking when I was very young and absolutely loved it. Smoking was the best part of my day. Then, at age 28, I got married, and decided that I wanted to do everything possible to stick around longer for my wife and our future kids. I started to ween myself off of them until I got down to only smoking 2 to 4 a week. It eventually got to the point where they did not taste that good to me antmore. Eventually, I found no enjoyment in them whatsoever. Also, I found that by having a toothpick or gum handy, I do not even think about smoking anymore. Its been almost 2 years now and I hope it continues. Good luck!

I’ve quit one and a half years ago, cold turkey, it wasn’t easy but i’ve quit much thougher things. All areas of my life improved.

Randy, it’s not nice to hijack someone’s thread like that. Start your own and i’ll answer it.

Burnnomore…11 months ago I was in the exact place where you are now. I was almost in a panic because I couldn’t quit and actually smoking more because of the stress. I did three things at once----got Zyban, got hypnotized (3 times) and camped out at www.whyquit.com, a cold turkey support group.

  1. I had to drop the Zyban after 2-3 weeks. I couldn’t sleep and felt like I wanted to jump through a plate glass window, for relief. It’s an individual thing, some people react like that, unfortunately. My brother took the stuff with no problems whatsoever. Give it a try, but be prepared to dump it if it gives you trouble.

  2. I found the most arrogant hypnotherapist. I asked him what his success rate was and he said 95%, in one to five weekly visits. He was serious. I had to go to him just because of his incredible confidence, like it was no big deal. First time - - nothing. Second time – almost nothing, but I smoked the whole week using these goofy filters that remove all tar and nicotine. Third time - the charm. I walked out of his office a non-smoker.

  3. Go to www.whyquit.com. These prople know their stuff!! And they have an incredible support system message board going 24/7. Click on “Freedom” when you get to the main website. It’s amazing to me how much I didn’t understand about the smoking addiction. Once you get the knowledge…you’ll get the upper hand over the habit. They are a cold turkey support group and as such, totally against nicotine replacement therapies. NRT’s are all gimmicks that prolong the agony and keep one addicted to nicotine…don’t go there.

GOOD LUCK !! You can do this!

oh…and just like Restless says…all areas of your life improve. I think its because you learn to recognize and get the upper hand on “junkie thinking”. It’s obvious that the mental skills that are sharpened when you quit smoking are easily applied to diet / training / anything.

I quit smoking about 4 weeks ago after about 6 months of smoking. I started to noticed my fitness going to shit so decided to do something about it. I don’t know if my addiction was phychological, physical or both, but when I was kept busy all day it was easier you avoid cigerettes. I didn’t think about smoking as I had other things on my mind. You could try spending all your money on supplements so you have no more money to spend on cigarettes :wink: