Time to Pick It Up

Hey everyone

Been an avid reader of T-Nation for a couple of years but I thought it was about time I got involved and what better place to start than with a new split and training log.

Just some quick info about myself:

Height: 5’9
Weight: around 170
Body fat: not sure but less than 15%

Lifts (best):

Deadlift: 155kg
Squat: 130kg
Military: 65kg x 5

(would not like to comment on the form though)

As you can tell I’m pretty small and pretty weak so its time to sort it out.

Better put up some more info.


Deadlift: 180kg
Military Press: 100kg
Front Squat: 140kg

Interms of physique goals, I’ll stick on as much muscle as I need to hit those goals and then reassess from there. Im thinking 185-190 to start with.

The program:

Having done some reading I’ve come up with something that I think will work and allow me to concentrate on hitting those goals, I’ve drawn some inspiration from Modok and Westside but am more than happy to take any commments or critism. Ive given the main lifts their own days with some assistance exercises on top.

Monday - Deadlift Day

Conventional Deadlift - Ramp to top set of 5
Pull Through - 3x5
DB Step Up - 3x10
Face Pull - 3x10
Side PLank - 3x30secs

Wednesday - Press Day (and arms)

Military Press - Ramp to top set of 5
CGBP - 3x5
BB Curl - 3x5
Tricep Pushdown - 3x10
Hammer Curl - 3x 10
Static Paloff press - 3x30secs

Thursday - Squat day

Front Squat - 5x5
Romanian Deadlift - 3x5
Reverse Lunge from Deficit - 3x10
AB rollout - 3x10

Saturday - Chest and Back

Db Bench - Ramp Up to top set of 5
BB Row - Ramp up to top set of 5

Dip - 3x12
Wide grip Pull up 3x (whatever I can do)

Cable Fly - 3 x 12
Cable Reverse Fly - 3x12

Reverse Crunch - 3x12

The only bit I’m not too sure of is whether or not I should do some more rep based top exercise rather than ramping the main one up every time.

As far as diet goes Im not really into counting calories that much as I just need to gain size but here’s the breakdown.

6am - Morning Super Shake (think this is around 800 cals)

1 apple
1 banana
2 raw omega 3 eggs
1 scoop Whey
200ml Channel Island whole milk
(all blended together)

Handfull of Mixed nuts on the side
1 desert spoon of omega 3 oil
1 serving of multi

7am - 8.00am Workout

8.30am - Post workout shake (about 800 calories again)

1 Scoop of whey
2 scoops of oats
500ml of whole milk
5g creatine

hand full of berries

12.00pm - Lunch

Mixed Salad (lettuce onions, pepper, cucumber)
Tin of Tuna
1 tbsp of EVOO
1 piece of fruit

3.00pm - Mid afternoon snack

200g of cottage cheese
1 tbsp of Peanut Butter
1 piece of fruit

6.30pm Dinner

150-200g of meat
Mixed Vegetables
1tbsp of EVOO (if meat is lean)
1 desert spoon of omega 3
1 serving of Multi

9.30pm - Prebed Snack

1 scoop of Milk Protein
1 tbsp of peanut Buttter or EVOO

I try and make the 4 meals after the two shakes around 400 cals so that should give me around 3000cals. I do snack sometimes on top like mixed nuts or berries but I dont count them

Once again any suggestions appreciated.

Well First day is tomorrow so lets see what happens

Deadlift day

Right first day training down with pretty good results. Scaled back the weight slightly to dial in on the form (was having trouble with glute activation and pushing hips through before.

Warmup -

5mins jump rope
Foam Rolling (hip flexors, ITB, Calves, Thoracic Spine)
Mobility work (single arm clap, shoulder push turn raise, Mobility squat)
Glute activation (hip flexor stretch, Single leg hip pop ups, RDL’s)


60kg x 5
80kg x 5
100kg x 5
120kg x 5
130kg x 5

Paused a little longer than normal between reps 3 and 4 but got all 5 with good form

140kg x 1

Wanted to use straps but it seems there was only 1 in my bag ang grip was pretty fried 135kg for 5 next week.

Pull through - 40kg x 3 x 5

Kept a neutral spine really loaded the hamstrings felt good overall 42.5kg next week

Step ups 10kg db x 2 x 10, 1 set just Body weight

Noticed my knee collapsing quite a bit need to add some cross band walks into the warmup

Face Pulls - 15kg x 3 x 10

Kept it light, used a pronated grip, gonna go for neutral grip next time for exta rotation)

Static Palloff - 60lb x 3 x 30secs

good result here gonna u it to 70lb next time

A good day overall, hams and core were feeling fried but rest day tomorrow.

Off Day today

Hamstrings still feel a little sore but they should be better for thursday

Meals 3-6 will all be the same

Meal 1 today

4 whole eggs
1 tbsp EVOO
1 desert spoon Fish oil
Bowl of mixed berries and lowfat natural yogurt

Meal 2 today

Mixed nuts
Whey Shake with whole milk

Going to do 1/2 hour walk at lunch and then 1 hour walk after work. Looking forward to hitting the presses tomorrow.

This looks like a good one to follow. Quite thorough aren’t you?

The layout of your program looks solid and if you stick to it you should reach those goals.

Have you considered increasing the DL wt by 2.5kg per week intead of 5? Might take longer to increase the wt, but you might be at it for longer.

[quote]Rape Weight wrote:
This looks like a good one to follow. Quite thorough aren’t you?

The layout of your program looks solid and if you stick to it you should reach those goals.[/quote]

good to know Im doing something right, I’ll keep it up

[quote]Boffin wrote:
Have you considered increasing the DL wt by 2.5kg per week intead of 5? Might take longer to increase the wt, but you might be at it for longer.[/quote]

I’ll be honest 130 was a little conservative anyway, I could probably have hit 140 for 5 if I didnt do the 130. I’ll increase by 5 for the next couple of weeks then probably drop it to 2.5 after that.

Wednesday - Press Day

Started off with

5 min Jump rope
Shoulder Mobilisation (arm swings, single arm clap, push/roll/twist)
Thoracic Spine Mobilitsation (Camel/Cat, T-push ups)

Military Press

20kg 5
30kg 5
40kg 5
55kg 5
65kg 3 / 3

Realised my previous biggest lift was 60kg for 5 (not 65kg) so I hit 65 for 2 sets of 3 not a bad result and felt strong, will hit 65 for 5 next week and will probably push 67.5kg for a top set.

70kg 1

Just for a little fun stuck another 5kg on the bar and got it over head was happy with that.

BB curl

Used the fixed bars so the handle was thick

40kg 5 5 4 + 1

Got the first two okay had to rest pause the last rep of the last set. strange thing though my left shoulder wouldnt stay down will have to have a look at that.


70kg 5
75kg 5 5

Pretty solid and not too challenging got a hand off for the 75kg, will push 80kg next week assuming I can get a spot.

Alt. Hammer Curl

16kg 10 10 8 + 2 (each arm)

RP’d the last two on the last set, felt strong will do the 18kg’s next week

Close grip Tricep Pushdown

32.5kg 10
35kg 10 9 + 1

Strong focused was happy with the result going for 37.5kg next week

Ab rollout

6 6 6

Abs arent recovered completely from Monday these felt difficult, may rearrange plan and not do abs every time, I’ll see how they are tomorrow.

Good day overall, little twinge in my upper back should be fine for saturday though. Lifts going up :slight_smile:

Thursday - Squat day

Warm up - Jump Rope 5mins
Foam Rolling - ITB, Calves, hip flexors, thoracic spine)
Mobilisation - Mobility Squats
Glute Activation - Clams, unilateral hip pop up, hep flexor stretch)

Need to work more on glute activation - right glute was being lazy

Front Squat

40kg 5
60kg 5
70kg 5
80kg 5
85kg 3
100kg 1

Did a few singles back squatting at 100kg prior to the front squat 100kg. Wrists didnt hurt so weight must have stayed up. Not overly confident found it hard to stay over the heels and feet were rotating too much. Gonna drop the weight to 75kg next week and go for 5x5…long way to go…

Band assissted Glute Ham raise


was gonna do RDL’s but got some inspiration on how to do GHR’s, gonna use these instead.

Reverse deficit lunges 10kg DB


Not sure on the distance to step back will look at this next week.

Leg Press - low, narrow foot position - 100kg

20- rp - 10 - rp - 5

Not sure why I did this but it was fun, gonna get 50 reps next week and then up the weight

No Abs - I forgot - gonna do some side bridges tonight.


Not a great day but at least I know where I am. bring on next week.

Off day today

Meal 1 = 4 whole eggs, 1/2 courgette, 1/2 leek, 1/2 onion, bowl of berries /w low fat yogurt, a few nuts
Meal 4 = 1 whey shake, 2 cheese string, 1 desert spoon EVOO, apple

Legs arent feeling too bad today not as hammered as monday probably as I did some stretching and foam rolling last night

going to do some jump rope and glute work this evening.

Chest and Back Day

Felt Fired up this morning was ready for a good session

DB press - warm up 16,24,32,36 (kg)
work sets - 40kg 4 4 4

Good start - looking to add reps every week up till I can do 10-12/set

BB row - warm up 20,40,60,70
work sets 80kg - 5 felt easy so I kicked it up
90kg - 3 3 maybe a little too much
85kg - 4 probably would have hit 5 without the 90kg

Gonna do 85kg next week for 3 sets of 5

Dip - BW+10kg 10 10 7
Wide Pull up (chest2bar) - BW 4 4 3 3 3
Chin up (chest2bar) - BW 5

Gonna dip heavier next week to get in the 4-6 rep range
Man I suck at wide pull up’s, gonna do 5 sets of 4 next week, 5 sets of 5 week after etc…
Just did a quick set of chins cause I wasnt happy with the pull ups

Cable fly - 50lb/ 12 60lb/ 10 8
Reverse Cable fly - 40lb 10 10 7

Gonna keep 60lb on cable fly going up to 45lb on reverse

AB rollout - 9 8 7

Sucked at these the other day so I did them again - much better

Push ups - 18

Just fancied doing some will try to add reps every week.

Good day overall was happy so I had pancakes as my PWO

Pancakes - Oats, cottage cheese, bran, baking powder, Protein powder, 2 eggs, water
Fillings - Sultanas, blueberries, lowfat yogurt, peanut butter
Washed down with some whole milk

Tasty stuff :slight_smile:

off day today

nothing much to report just went for a hike for 90mins

only had a couple of meals so far today…although I did make a good turkey apple burger

need some more calories…deadlift day tomorrow

Monday - Deadlift Day

Didnt feel as amped as I did saturday…its funny cause the only real difference was a pre workout supplement, maybe they do work?? maybe its a placebo?? who knows…might try it on wednesday and see.


5mins X-trainer
Foam Rolling (ITB, hip flexors)
Glute Activation (hip flexor stretch/glute bridge. piriformis stretch/clams)
Basic Mobilisation (arm swings, camel/cat)


65kg 5
85kg 5
105kg 5
125kg 5
135kg 5
135kg+straps 4

Struggled to bring the hips in properly for some reason today, used my lower back a little more than I should, going to have a look at EC deadlift articles again.

Pull Through

42.5kg 5 5 5

Felt pretty good with the hips, didnt seem to load the hamstrings as much this week

Single Leg RDL with a box

6kg DB’s - 10 10 10

Thought I’d try these out pretty hard felt the glute working somewhat, might try a few more things out before I make a final decision about the unilateral work for deadlift day.

Face pulls - neutral grip

17.5kg - 10 10 10

Wrist cocked over a little bit at the top end not sure if this is a problem, will have a quick look at the video again.

High stance leg press -

100kg 50 reps

Again dont know why I did these just for a bit of “fun” I suppose felt very wobbly getting off…good times.

Static Paloff Press

70lb 3x30secs (each side)

Abs felt like they were going to be ripped to pieces by the last set, awesome feeling

Not a bad day overall, a few things to look at, maybe a preworkout booster…dont really like supplements though.

Off day today

Not aching as much as last week, guess hammies did less work or I stretched and recovered better.

Started implementing the third world squat yesterday doing it as often as possible, I feel looser and can get down easier and stay on my heels. Going to keep going until the position is comfortable for extended periods. Need a 45 degree foot angle though gonna be hard if I ever want to bring my stance on squats in.

Nothing much else to say, just looking forward to pressing tomorrow need to hit 67.5kg
might chuck in a single 75kg if Im feeling good.

Wednesday - Press day

Did 20 x 50m sprints with 100m walks last night (tuesday) was knackereed, thought I’d pulled my Lat (crazy I know) was fine this morning though, yay

Tried the pre workout booster didnt get as much from it as I did on Saturday, but it still got me going.

Decided Not to boost the weight today wanted to try and get the reps in

65kg 4 / 3
67.5kg 2
60kg 4 / 4

Well 1 more rep on the 65kg, little bit of a grinder but got it up, want to hit 5 next week, need to work on my rhythm.
Thought Id see what 67.5 felt like got a double possibly could have got 4 without the 65 but who knows. Just finished off with a couple of 60’s felt fine for the 4 reps.

BB Curl 40kg 5
EZ Bar curl 42.5kg 5
45kg 4

Felt a little strained in the foream at 40kg but my shoulder didnt raise as much. Switched out for the EZbar to make it easier on the forearms and hit some solid reps.


80kg 4 3 2
60kg 9

Didnt do as well as I hoped but not bad, gonna keep at 80kg next week, stupidly got my hand off from the low position must remember to have the bar high to start with. Just did a set for reps at 60kg felt good.

Alt Hammer curl
18kg 9 7 7
Push Down Narrow
37.5kg 8 8 8

Weights up on both from last week, going to hit the 10 reps next week, keeping the weight the same.

Machine Seated Shoulder press

20kg 15+6+4+4+1 (10secs between each)

Another moment of madness like the leg press, dont know why I did it just popped into my head, was quite fun.

Reverse Crunch

6kg (support) 12
4kg (support) 5 + No support 4
4kg (support) 9
No Support 5

Some good results abs seem strong enough to be able to do them without support but will use 3kg DB for all reps next week and try and hit the 3x10-12

Didnt get as far with my press as I’d hoped (was looking for 5 reps) but ah well, I’ll get them next week.

Hi mate, this programs, looks spot on, might move on to something like this after i finished mine

I am from the UK _ Guildford

Whats your goal Strength or Muscle mass?

or both?

Your Diet look really heavy and complicated (maybe just me )
I was after some sort of food for my training, i will probably adjust your food plan

Again Keep it up Niceone