Time to Mix It Up Already?

Hey All,
46 years old so I fit in this group. Just starting up again after years of abuse. Trying to get the nutrition part down. Working out 4-5 times a week for the past month. Starting to feel good. Haven’t got a set routine down yet. Will mixing it up alittle hurt me ? Shoulder, wrists, and elbow joints giving me some pain. Anything prevent this ? Will fish oil help lube joints or is that bs ?

Hi, welcome to the board. Check out everything written by Dan John on this site, he probably addresses more of your questions directly at once than anyone else. You can also check out his site at

Good luck.

welcome aboard, now all about the abuse part, keep nutrition up, mixing it up is always good until you find out what kind of a goal you want to achieve or shoot for. try glucosomine chondotrin, great for joint pain, you can find it in local pharmacy, like cvs even some food stores. use fish oil, a good fat. flax seed oil also.

Depending on the abuse you put your body through and reading your post i probably know, you should be using ice and ibuprofen, but don’t push to hard. eventually you will work through it. Your body is adjusting

I would like to offer you a little piece of advice if I may. I personally think you are making the classic mistake of almost everyone in our age group who hasn’t worked out in a long time and wants to get back into shape.

You have no patience.

Working out 4 or 5 times a week is way too much for an untrained and aged body. You are trying to make up for all those years of abuse in one quick swoop. This is precisely the reason you are sore and this is the reason you will quit.

Move into this SLOWLY. Work out as a beginner no matter how fit you use to be. Forget your ego. Read and read some more. Get your diet in check as this is as important or maybe more so than the workouts.

Make this your new lifestyle - and balance out the workouts; the rest; the diet and the supplements.

Remember that our age you are only doing this for yourself.