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Time to Lose the Gut

hello all,
I am new to T-Nation but not new to hitting iron “well not really” i’ve been lifting weights for about 10 yrs on and off and ive been really banging the shit out of the iron the last 3 yrs
but in some respect i am a beginner I don’t keep a log of success or routines i don’t count calories …

I have accomplished some succesful cuts-bulks but never really have i done all the work like nutrition especially hell its always been hit the gym in a blind fury like a reckless assault and in some ways I love it like that I mean at 5-8 175 lbs i can sit a-lot of bigger than me guys down for the spank lol but its time, time to really get a physique time to really lose that gut and get ripped

looking forward to tackling the next steps nutrition
tracking lean body mass and learning about weight loss

Buy John Berardi’s precision nutrition, then do everything it says.

checked out his website and even a couple of reviews it is in consideration

147 bucks

  1. Use periods.
  2. Read some of this website’s hundreds of free nutrition articles.

how much do i need to invest in a decent tool to measure body fat? any recomendations

Calipers what are they $4-5