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TIme to Kick My Ass Back Into Shape


Warm up
1 Mile run for average pace (9-10 min mile)

BB Complex

Straight Leg DL
Bent Over Rows 4x15/12/10/8
Hang Cleans
Military Press


Kettle bell front swings
Side Planks(both sides) 2x20
Bicycle Situps
High Knee Jumps

Would something like this be overtraining? I’ve been training for over a year but have taken a 2 month or so break with sporatic lifting/hiking/running in between and i want to get back into gear.

Will something like this be overtraining? How far can i push myself? I want to be injury free!! I’ve gotten hurt too many times lifting heavy, NOW i just want to be feel and look healthy as shit.

I’m thinking of having a 4 day split off the bat for maybe 2 weeks and see how i feel if i can increase to 6 days a week. I still want to have solid strength though mainly with squat/deadlift/bench(flat/incline/decline)/military press. So i wasn’t sure if i should do all heavy compounds in one day OR do one strength at the beginning of my workout? Will compromising my CNS be unwise in having my priority to be fatloss?

I want to be able to run 3 miles EASY. Like wake up in the morning…run the shit in less than 30 min, eat, shower, and ge ton with my day. How should i progress this also? I know i have to incorperate HIIT. I was thinking of doing 2 days distance 2 days HIIT. Too much too fast? Thanks for your time!

Only way to know if it’s too much is to give it a shot, usually that’s the best indicator. Just make sure you’re eating plenty to replenish your body, and get plenty of sleep, and stretch real well pre, and post workout.

As I understand it doing cardio work is going to impair your strength training a lot more than your strength training is going to impair your fat loss. Given that, I would work the cardio elements around (and after) whatever you think your most effective resistance training schedule is.

I personally get the best cutting results working out 3 days a week, lifting in the morning and then doing my cardio work the evening of the same day. Then my rest days are real rest (with some foam rollers, now that I’ve been turned on to that particular form of masochism). One of my weekend days is also martial arts drills, but it’s mostly technique work and definitely not a rough cardio or resistance workout.

Just my $.02, completely without references.

For what it’s worth I thought I’d add another reference. Between Feb. and Jul. of this year I went from 20% to 9% body fat. You can see my transformation in my picture. I did so weightlifting 3 days/week. It was all circuit training and supersetting (i.e. 4 straight exercises with no rest in between). My strength actually increased. I found that I didn’t need to sacrifice strength to cut fat…just my rest intervals and caloric intake…lol. Strength training is a great thing to pair with cutting. For me, it was all about rest intervals. Cut the rest interval, and strength training becomes cardio as well.

I definitely think you’re trying to do too much. Check out the Velocity training program for fat loss for reference. Look at the actual workouts. 4-5 exercises and that’s it!