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Time to Jump on Veggie Bandwagon?


According to this article up to 25% of meat contained drug-resistant bacteria.


But it tastes really good.
Also, if this has been going on a long time and you (and I) haven't gotten sick from it, then well, there you go.
I mean sometimes the media will report things and make them sound bad but we need more information. Does it really matter if the bacteria mentioned is resistant to antibiotics? I really mean that...is the fact that a bacteria is resistant to antibiotics automatically make it bad for us?


There could be 100% disease resistant bacteria and it wouldn't matter. No such thing as fire resistant bacteria.


It's drug resistant, not heat resistant.

As long as you don't like your meat blue rare, I don't see a problem.


Hahahahahahaha best answer ever. You sir get a internet High Five.

Also check out how much pesticides are put on produce if anybody interested on the Veggie Bandwagon.


What doesnt kill you makes you stronger.



And, really, there's not much good that we put into our bodies any more. Let's be honest. Might as well have fun and ignore the fact while we're systematically destroying ourselves.


Nietzsche didn't know about power tools. Losing 3 fingers doesn't make you stronger.


Exactly. Cook meat = problem solved.


Eat organic meats. Cook properly. Enjoy with a side of veggies.

If any vegans are nearby, make a loud MOOOOing sound while you eat.


I thought this was a thread about jumping veggiestrong. My bad!


Veggies induce my gag reflex.

(insert dick sucking joke here)


Damn beat me too it, I was about to say this.


Done. Fixed.



And components of soy may very well inhibit brain and sexual development. I'll take my chances with meat.


Yes. Yes. More veggiestrong threads pleeease = more veggiestrong pics.


So, if you survive getting shot does that make your body more resilient to bullets?




Also it's not pH resistant. Whatever the fire doesn't kill your gastric acid should take care of. Enjoy that rare steak.


Yes, Yes it does.