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Time to Get Strong

As title says, goal is to get stronger and better conditioned this summer. Will be doing 5/3/1 to get there, lifting 4 days per week. I ran the program for a long time before and switched off to mountain dog style training for several months to add some size and change it up. Now its back to the roots that are Wendler’s 5/3/1. Haven’t done any maximal strength work since December of 2013 where I did a meet and hit 405 squat, 265 bench, 530 dead. Thus I will take my TM very conservatively (80-85% of perceived max, rather than 90%). Also going to be using front squats as they have become a favorite of mine. Stats are 6’2 at 215 pounds 23 years old.


Front Squat: 265
Deadlift: 450
Press: 175
Bench: 240

Here we go!

Sunday 5/18/14
5/3/1 Cycle 1 Week 1 Day 1

Shoulder mobility w/ band, ER/IR stretching

Bench Press
205x10 - very easy, left 2 or so in the tank and paused the first rep
155x5x5 sets (First set last paused reps)

10 sets of 5 done between benching

85x8x5 sets

DB Row
90x8x5 sets done between pressing

100 reps with body weight

BB Curls
50x10x8 sets (30-45s rest)

Trap Bar Farmer’s Walks with 225 for 5 sets of ~40 yards (60s rest)

Solid workout to start the program off, was in and out in about 90 minutes and felt great.

Monday 5/19/14
5/3/1 Cycle 1 Week 1 Day 2

Foam roll quads, IT bands, Upper/Lower back
Lower body stretching, knee mobility, hip mobility (10 minutes worth or so)

Front Squat
225x11 (One rep PR for me, with at least 1-2 reps left in the tank, goal was to get 11 and stop)
175x5x5 (First set last paused reps, no belt)

Good Mornings
95x10x5 sets (these were way too easy)

DB Bulgarian Split Squats
30’sx8x4 sets (first time doing these, tougher than they seem, going to keep them and improve)

Prowler Sprints
90lbx5 sets of ~40 yards (60s rest)

Happy about how the front squats felt. 225 was very easy, even though my upper back was rather sore from yesterday, still managed to PR and had more left. The paused sets with 175 for 5 reps were also great, definitely help improve form and keeping tight in the hole, especially without a belt. Prowler kills me, goal is to work up to 10 sets of sprints with 60 sec rest with 90lb before adding weight. Shouldn’t take more than a few weeks. Tomorrow is off, and Pressing is Wednesday.

Wednesday 5/21/14
5/3/1 Cycle 1 Week 1 Day 3

Shoulder mobility w/ band, ER/IR stretching

150x10 (Belt, Went to failure here, hit my goal)
115x8x3 sets

10 sets of 5 in between pressing

Paused Bench Press
135x8x5 sets (main goal was to focus on form here, weight wasn’t an issue)

Seated Machine Chest Supported Row
2 warm ups x 15
165x12x4 sets

Rope Triceps Extensions
70x10x7 sets (goal was 100 reps, used 30 second rest periods)

EZ Bar Preacher Curl
Bar+50x10 (too heavy, bar weighed more than the one I’m used to)
Bar+30x10x7 sets (Wasn’t feeling these, the preacher bench had a weird incline and didn’t get much out of them; 45 sec rest)

Trap Bar Farmer’s Walks with 225 for 5 sets of ~40 yards (45s rest, lot easier than last time)

Workout was about 80-90 minutes long. Weights all felt easy, however I need to stop 2 reps short of failure on Presses because when I fatigue I tend to hyperextend my lumbar and that is a no no. Gonna cut the preacher curls and find something else next time because I didn’t get much out of them. Deads Friday, can’t wait!

Friday 5/23/14
5/3/1 Cycle 1 Week 1 Day 4

Lower body mobility (hip flexors, Hip ER, Foam rolling etc.)
Band dislocations for shoulders, lat stretches

Deadlift (all are done dead-stop)
385x8 (Belt; Goal was 8, had 1-2 left in me)
295x5x5 (kept the belt)

  • Tried doing squats but lower back felt really weird and as soon as I put 95 on the bar and squatted, the left side of my low back had shooting pain. It looks like I brought back a nagging injury I had a few months ago, most likely because I half assed my warmup. Really fucking pissed off, going to rehab it all week and see where this goes.

Did some leg curls with 100lb for 4 sets of 15 and went home.

Next workout should be sunday or monday, most likely monday however. Will post my stretching/rehab exercises for the next few days and update on how it feels. Fuakkkk… =/

Saturday 5/24/14

Doing some low back rehab exercises. Back feels much better than it did yesterday. Really really sore however. Makes me think I overdid the deads. On paper it did not look like much but seeing as I have no done deads in months it might have been overload getting back into them. Anyway this is what im doing 2-3x a day:

Prone Press Ups 10-20 reps
Prone Hip Extensions 30 reps
PPT with red mini hip abd 15 reps 5 sec holds
Supine Bridges 20 reps