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Time to Get Started

I have been lurking around these forums for about a year now and decided it’s time to jump in on the action, and with my training log running out of paper this just made sense.

My stats
Hieght- 5’9
Weight- 198
BF%- 14%
Max bench- 265
Max squat- 275
Max Dead lift- 350

Just got back to training from a extended break, took about 2 years off to focus on school. I am one of those guys who needs to scratch and claw to be average, I have been back to lifting for about 6 weeks and just got done with a push/pull/legs. going to switch it up now try to get some more volume and get a little leaner.

Legs tonight will post stats
Front squat-4x6
1 leg squat-3x8
lunge- 3x8
Jump squats 3x15

Any comments or questions welcome!

Front squat- 155,165,175,185
1 leg- 20,20,25
leg extension- 100,100,110
Leg curl-100,110,110
Jump squat 3x10
switch out lunges cause my legs were beat

Got a little busy last week couldnt update so I will throw it all into one

Shoulders- standing OH press 135,135,140,145
Seated Shoulder press 45, 45 ,50,55
Front raise- 20,25,25,25
SIde raise- 20,25,25,25
Shrugs- 80,80,80
Bench press- 215,220,225,225
Incline Db press- 50, 50 ,55,55
DB flye- 20,20,20,20
resistance band push ups x 20
Skull crushers 95,100,110
Rope pull down, 100,115,120,125

Had back and BIs today

DL- 225,225,225,230 4x6
BB row- 100,115,120 3x8
DB row- 75,75,80
Pull ups 3x8

My pull ups are really weak, not to mention my numbers suck. eek I hate buliding back up