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Time to Get Serious

hello all, first off i’m 22, 5’10.5, weigh in at 190 at what my wrestling experience can tell me is 12% bf and 15 lbs of water, i’ve been pretty athletic since 9th grade doin wrestling and dabblin in MMA.

I’ve finally come to realize that to grow, i have to eat. i have a pretty high metabolism so i’ve been eating everything in sight for the past couple months getting between 150-200 grams of protein, lot of wheat bread and pasta.

past 2 months i’ve been hittin the weights pretty hard, focusing on compound lifts and basically doing full body 1 day, with 2 days rest.

my workout is as follows:
dumbell press with 45* incline 8-6-4
push-press (squat rack stuff) 8-6-4
deadlifts starting off light at 225,3-3-3
hang cleans 5-5-5
bent rows (dumbell) 8-6-4
weighted pull-ups w/ 35-45lbs 3/failure
weighted dips w/ 35-45 lbs till failure
deep squats 3x6
every other workout i replace weighted dips with close-grip benchpress

i’ve been thinking of switching to this:
1st day
-deep squats 3x6
-push press 8-6-4
-dumbell press 8-6-4
weighted dips 3xfailure

2nd day
-weighted pullups 3x failure
-hang clean 3x6
-deads 3x6
-bent rows 8-6-4
Rest one day, then repeat.

no lies, i want to put on some size for a change and am not afraid of gainin some fat. what yall think?

Your routine looks fine, afraid of doing biceps though? I won’t make this into another one of those dumb debates but do some arm work if you want big arms.

I’d focus on progression and establish more of a range of reps instead of one single number. For instance squats 3x6 maybe make 3x6-8, once you can get your all your sets to at least 6 then bump the weight, or ramp up to one last all out set of 6-8.

The key for gaining size is without a doubt diet, how about your post that up and get some thoughts on that as well? Your protein seems pretty low for someone who wants to gain. I’d have you in the 300+ gram range for sure.

NO TAKERS, no opinions, come on now, tryin to do the right thing by posting in the beginners forum so i dont get flamed.
i need some input/advice

I think you need to only train a group of MAYBE two or three body parts per day. You’re trying to accomplish too much in one workout and that’s either overtraining your muscles or possibly not getting them enough attention.

Use one day for chest/arms/shoulders, another day for legs/trunk work, and the final day for back work.

so how many times should i hit a body part in one workout? i’m trying to hit each part twice, but at different angles for example bent rows and weighted pullups for lats. is this too much strain on a muscle?

not afraid of biceps, just remember all the good things people claim about just work the body as a whole and they will grow… thought i’d give it a try

diet is pretty random, would love to improve it.

mind you, i am a Marine with a wife and kid , enlisted pay is not that great.

-breakfast consists of a couple peanut butter sandwiches on whole wheat and a banana or 2,
-Mid-morning snack is usually proshake( i limit to 1 a day cuz the shit is expensive) and anything with at least 50g carb.
-lunch is a plastic container full of tuna and mayo,(100g pro right there)
-afternoon snack is whatever i can grab… usually something high carb.
-Dinner is a nice full meal, something like a 8-12oz sirloin, chicken breasts, and pasta.
-16-20oz whole milk before bed

You trying to gain mass or definition?

more mass than definition

You should start with the westside concept. I hope I don’t get in trouble for posting this, if so, mods just edit the link.

There’s SOOOO much good info there it’s not even funny.


[quote]USMCGNPer wrote:
more mass than definition[/quote]

I’m sorry hope this doesn’t sound rude but you aren’t eating for it. Get some cheap meats(don’t pay more than 2.50 a lb EVER) and buy protein powders in bulk if possible, carb sources are damn near free especially rice. Get a jug of olive oil and add a tbsp or two to your shakes to bump up the calories if you have to, whatever it takes.

not rude at all, what cuts of meat do you recommend,because usual price around here for a 1 pound sirloin is about $4