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Time to Get Serious Again

It’s been a while since I has very active on these forums and in the gym for that matter. For those of you who don’t know I have been a competetive powerlifter since 2004. I made the PLUSA women’s top 15 in both the 198s and SHW in my 2nd year of competing. In 2006 I was injured during a max squat workout while squatting around 350lbs. This was also just after hitting my first 505lb squat and prepping for APF Senior Nationals.

After 6 months of full bedrest from a herniated disc my hubby, Jesse Burdick, and I found out that we were expecting twins…and I was put on bedrest due to complications yet again.

The twins are almost 2 now and we are getting ready to start our own power team next month. So, it’s time I quit dabbling with rehab and lifting heavy and just got back under the damn bar. My biggest problem is that I do well with the rehab exercises for a few days and then I can’t help myself but to push my limits and lift heavy.

My goal for the next few weeks is to build up my core and posterior chain…lots of abs and reverse hypers along with some of EC and Robertson’s mobility work. In addition to this I do plan to work in some oly presses, DLs, squats and goodmornings. Here goes nothing…now I’m off to torture my self at a commercial gym :slight_smile:

Nice to see you here!

Hi there!

How’s your back now?

You should be fun to follow, good luck!

Best of luck to you, Ericka.

Good luck on getting back into it! Looking forward to reading your log.

I’m looking forward to reading along. Twins. wow. That must have made for an exciting couple of years :slight_smile:


A true vet.

Welcome back, Ericka. Best of luck achieving your future goals.

Welcome Back! Great to see you here again.

Thanks for the welcomes and well wishes everyone. I’m hoping that the support on this forum will help keep me focused!

I decided I am done with the local commercial gym. Just not the right place for me to accomplish what I need to do in the most effective way. So, for my workout today I opted to head to Re-Active Gym, the future home of Prevail Power.


sled work
forward x 4 trips
backward x 2 trips
rows x 2 trips
face pulls x 2 trips

Foam roller x 10 mins.

Stretching & Mobility work
cat camels x 4 sets x 15
kickbacks x 4 sets x 8 with 7 sec hold
glute bridges x 4 sets x 8 with 7 sec hold

Band Goodmornings
Medium band x 2 x 20
Strong band x 2 x 20

Superset squats with slosh bar & kettlebell swings
sloshbar x 5 sets x 15
**This is a pvc pipe filled 1/2 way with water and capped on both ends. It sucks.

16kg kb x 2 sets x 15
24kg kb x 1 x 15
30kg kb x 1 x 15

Ab Pulldowns
(I don’t remember the weight…oops)
5 sets x 20

Reverse Hypers
70lbs x 4 x 10

Sweaty and tired but feeling good. I hate doing hypers, mostly because we have an older roller hypers and it hurts my c-section scar but my back sure dows feel good!

Welcome back. I remember following your Diablo thread when I first joined.

And good luck with the new club.

Been training but have only been updating one log because I’m lazy, usually asleep by 9pm, or am covered by 2yr old twins nearly everytime I logon the computer. Training is going well and I am hoping to be ready to go in October for a full powermeet at Super Training Gym. Our power team keeps our logs on their site.

The team is growing and getting stronger everyday. Guys who have been stagnant for sometime have joined us and with a little coaching, they have hit some big PRs. I’m predicting good things for Prevail Power!

Can you link to your other log?

Last few workouts:


Heavy Bench

warm up:
row machine racing with the twins
active stretching
foam rolling
more stretching

Shoulder hell x miniband x 4sets

Overhead Push Presses
Jesse had me adjust my grip. I am benchpress dumb and don’t know where to put my hands anymore. Apparently wider isn’t always better.

DB Rows
45x10 ea side
60x10 ea side
75x2x10 ea side

Got to watch Selkow in action coaching 3 boys basketball teams along with Jesse. These boys all attend the high school that Rena will be attending in 2 years.

It is my hope that these kids learn to fear Harry and Jesse to the point that when they try to put the moves on my girl and find out who her dad and surrogate uncle are they will piss themselves and run for the hills…I get the feeling that Harry is up for the challenge!

Lower Rep day

warm up:
sled x 70 x 4trips
active stretching
more stretching

Kettlebell swings
20lb x 20
swings for time…20 seconds on 10 seconds rest
44lb x 10

I then proceeded to crumble to the floor and lay there unable to move for a solid 5 mins. These kicked my ass.

Crunches x 300

Had to call it there because Jesse had to train a client and the babes were restless and Rena had club volleyball. Volleyball went really well. It was her first real experience and the coach said she did awesome. Being 5’9" at age 12 and strong helps.

Hypers tomorrow and maybe some GHRs.

On a side note…it’s exciting to see the team growing and know that we will have 6-7 lifters at the Raw meet in a few weeks is outstanding! Prevail is about to come on the scene strong!



Warm up with my oldest daughter Rena (who is the same size as me…well a little lighter but close enough):
1/4 mile sled drag with 45lbs
1/4 mile jog/walk

active streching
glute kickbacks
fire hydrants
Foam roller
hip abduction w/doubled mini band

Box Squats w/Straight Bar
bar x 10
95 x 5
135 x 5
155 x 4 x 2
added belt
155 x 8 x 2
Ugh my deltards are weak and holding a straight bar on my back sucked ass.

Super Set =
GHR & 45* Hyper
3 x 10ea

Super Set =
Rev Hypers(90lbs x 10) & Seated Rows(60lbs x 15) & Crunches(100)
4 sets

Jesse and I got to actually talk about whether or not competing in October is a realistic possibility. He has prescribed 5 solid training weeks following the same style I’ve been using so far, speed/high repetition day and heavy 3rm day. Week 6 will be about finding my openers and week 7 will be a deload week.

I will not be gearing up for the meet aside from my belt, wraps and light briefs. I have to wrap my head around the fact that this meet is just about me getting out there for the first time in 4 years and shaking the dust off. As an athlete and competitor that is the hardest thing to deal with.

I simply expect more because I’ve done more and know I am capabe of much more and I am embarassed by my weakness now. In my head I am still a 500lb squatter who should be putting up closer to 600 now. Restarting at ground zero after 3 years is the most humbling experience ever.

There’s much truth in the fact that the measure of a person is not how they handle being at the top but rather how the handle being down and climbing back. Time will tell…

[quote]sluicy wrote:
Can you link to your other log?[/quote]

Sorry, but when I put up the link it was deleted by the Mod.

[quote]Ericka wrote:
There’s much truth in the fact that the measure of a person is not how they handle being at the top but rather how the handle being down and climbing back. Time will tell… [/quote]

I so agree! It is difficult to realize that what you worked so hard for can leave so quickly.