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Time to Get Nasty


I am 21 years old, 6 feet 2 inches, 205lbs. BF currently somewhere between 11 - 13% (impedence method)

I am currently lifting (1RM):

Squat 370lbs
Deadlift 450lbs
Bench Press 240lbs

I am two weeks into a new program, which is a 4 way split as outlined below:

Day 1 Legs

5min Warm Up
Dynamic Stretches
Back Squat - 12x50kg, 12x80kg, 12x110kg, 10x120kg (sometimes I swap last set for 8x140kg)*
Hamstring Curl - 12x35kg, 12x40kg, 12x45kg
Walking DB Lunge - 12x15kg, 12x15kg, 12x15kg
Standing DB Calf Raise - 12x15kg, 12x15kg, 12x15kg*
Static Stretches

Day 2 Chest and Triceps

5min Warm Up
Dynamic Stretches
Incline DB Chest Press - 12x20kg, 12x25kg, 12x30kg
Flat DB Flyes - 12x7.5kg, 12x7.5kg, 12x10kg*
Weighted Triceps Dips - 12x20kg, 12x35kg, 12x45kg
Triceps Push Downs - 12x25kg, 12x30kg, 12x30kg
Decline BB Bench Press - 12x50kg, 12x50kg, 12x50kg
Cable Crossovers - 12x30kg, 12x40kg, 10x40kg*
Static Stretches

Day 3 Back and Biceps

5min Warm Up
Dynamic Stretches
Wide Grip Pull ups - 12, 10
Lat Pull Down - 12x45kg, 10x50kg*
Bent Over Row - 12x50kg, 12x50kg, 12x50kg
Seated DB Screw Curl - 12x15kg, 12x15kg, 12x15kg*
Plate Loaded Low Row - 12x50kg, 12x60kg, 12x60kg*
EZ Chin Curls - 12x30kg, 12x30kg, 12x30kg
Chin Ups to Failure (usually 10-12)*
Static Stretch

Day 4 Deltoids and Traps

5min Warm Up
Dynamic Stretches
Clean and Press - 12x50kg, 12x50kg, 12x50kg
Seated DB Shoulder Press - 12x20kg, 12x25kg, 10x30kg
Plate Raise - 12x15kg, 12x15kg, 12x15kg
Upright Row - 12x25kg, 12x30kg, 12x35kg
Shrugs - 12x60kg, 12x80kg, 8x100kg*
Plate Loaded Shoulder Press - 12x20kg, 12x30kg, 12x30kg*
Static Stretches

  • Sometime I include Dropset, Matrix, Superslow or Negative Reps here

Nutrition (average day)

Breakfast (15min after waking)

20g Whey
1 cup of porridge oats
Pinch of Cinnamon
10 Almonds

Meal One (3hrs after breakfast)

75g Brown Rice
1 Tin of Tuna
1/4 Broccoli
1tsp Olive Oil

Meal Two (6hrs after breakfast)

75g Brown Rice
1 Chicken Breast
150g Chick Peas

Meal Three (1.5hrs pre workout)

75g Brown Rice
1/4 Broccoli
1 Tin Tuna
1tsp Olive Oil

Pre Workout (20min Prior)

10g Whey
20g Dextrose
2g Beta Alanine
4g Taurine
400mg Caffeine
Sprinkle of Cinnamon
mixed in fruit juice

Post Workout (NLT 20mins Post)

37g Whey Protein
120g Dextrose
4g Glutamine
in Water

PPWO (2hrs Post Workout)

250g Beef Mince
1/2 Red Pepper
1/2 Onion
100g White Rice
1tbsp Olive Oil

Pre Bed

40g Protein (Whey:Casein 50:50)

Daily fluid intake = 3L Water, 500ml Full Fat Milk

Whoa... That's a long post, but it gives some insight into how I am eating and training at the moment. I am hoping to gain 6lbs of lean mass by the start of the summer (so I will be bulking more and cutting last minute) for a trip to the USA.

All of what I do comes about from practise and reading, and advice from colleagues etc etc. I will be sporadically updating this thread, with pictures, stats etc etc; I would love to see feedback on every part of my routine, diet and progress.




So I was looking over your log, looking good bro. Especially the food choices, pretty healthy. 6lbs by summer is a very reachable goal, one I think you could blast bast in a few months given the proper routine and diet.

So, my first question is why are the lifting weights so low compared to your max? For your decline bench, would should have a higher max than flat bench, you’re pushing 48% of your max. That’s not doing anything. And your heaviest back squat is only 71% of your max. And that’s your 4th set, and your last.

I mean, why so many warm up sets? Like, ramping is good, but you need to put in the work once you hit the right level. It seems like you’re wearing yourself out on the warmups, and not getting enough heavy weight in once you hit a good level. Maybe check some articles here about training percentages. Dave Tate, Christian Thibaudeau, and Dan John are my personal faves.

Next, you might want to check out nutrient timing, like one meal being protein and fat, the next protein and carbs. Just a thought, not going to kill you eating like a normal person. Look to Dr. Berardi for cycling advice.

Finally, your supplements. AAKG has been bashed on this site, a lot. I took it for a while, and it gave me a nice pump, but that’s not too important. However, glutamine has opposing effects, at least from the recommendations of the stuff I was taking.

Glutamine has also received some harsh reviews recently here, and I never noticed it doing anything. Since you have them already, obviously, I’d take one until it’s gone, then finish the rest of the other stuff.

My 2 cents. Keep up the good work, and post some progress.


AceRock, cheers for the input. With the bench I usually find that my form gets a bit shaky with more than 60kg at the end of the workout; I will usually lift 35kg / 37.5kg dumbbells on incline press, except some idiot at the gym dropped them and they are u/s!

With back squat I am doing 140kg on the last set now, I do 120kg when I don’t have a spot. I have always looked at the Poliquin principles (67% - 85% for Hypertrophy), but obviously some of my exercises aren’t quite heavy enough.

I will read about the nutrient cycling, thanks.

Glutamine is contained in Whey protein anyway, but I had read an article that said that increased dosages (few grams) reduced the amount of CHO that got converted into fat. I haven’t used it long enough to notice. I agree on the AAKG, some excellent pumps!

Progress to follow, leg session today; going heavy on the squats again, might even look at 100x12, 130x10, 140x8. See how the energy levels are when I get in!


Okay, that’s legs done… Pushed the workout a little bit harder today…

Back Squat 12x100kg, 12x110kg, 9x140kg (a 10th rep will be in my grasp next time!) DROP 6x60kg.
Barbell Lunge 12x60kg, 12x50kg
Jump Squat 10x50kg SUPERSET Back Squat 12x50kg
Seated Calf Raise 12x25kg, 12x32.5kg, 12x40kg SLOW
Hamstring Curl 12x30kg SLOW, 12x35kg, 12x40kg SUPERSLOW

Having completed my PB on the Back Squat (and the reps were solid, thighs parallel; not into cheating myself!) of 9 reps on 140kg for my third set, the rest of the workout, lunges especially, was a killer. I was almost sick at the end of the 50kg Squats…

I had a PWO shake of 37g PRO, 120g CHO, followed by a good stretch and now I’m off for a bath and then it’s tea time!


Chest and Triceps tonight… Workout looked like this

Incline DB Bench Press 12x20kg, 12x30kg, 10x35kg
Flat BB Bench / DB Flye Superset 10x60kg 10x7.5kg, 10x60kg 10x7.5kg, 10x70kg 10x10kg
Plate Loaded Chest Press 12x60kg, 7/7/7(MATRIX)x50kg, 8x90kg DROP 6x50kg
One Arm Triceps Push Down 12x15kg, 12x20kg, 12x25kg
DB French Press 12x15kg, 12x22.5kg, 8x22.5kg DROP 6x15kg
Weighted Dips 12x20kg, 12x45kg, 10x45kg
Decline Cable Flye 12x30kg, 12x27.5kg, 10x30kg DROP 10x10kg
Press Ups 6 (Failure!)

Felt quite strong today, gym was very busy hence having to change the order of the workout slightly!


Had a day off today and ate like an anabolic horse! Despite not being on a ‘cut’, I am noticing the veins on my biceps, forearms and lower abdomen are a lot more prominent than they used to be, and I am looking bigger round the arms and shoulders. Photos to follow when I get my camera back… Shoulders today!


Party season over, I have been doing the original (Mark Twain’s) 300 Workout, 2nd and 4th Jan, was due another yesterday but the gym was closed with bad weather!

25 Pull Ups
50 60kg Deadlifts
50 Press Ups
50 Box Jumps
50 1Arm Clean and Press (15kg DB)
50 60kg Floor Wipers
25 Pull Ups

I have also been running in the cold weather which feels very rocky-esque!

Back into the swing of hypertrophy again tonight, heavy back session!


07 Jan 2010

Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 12x15kg, 12x22.5kg, 8x37.5kg DROP 6x15kg
Flat Dumbbell Flyes 12x10kg, 8x10kg DROP 8x7.5kg
Plate Loaded Chest Press 12x50kg SLOW ECCENTRIC, 70kg 7/7/7 MATRIX, 6x90kg DROP 6x70kg DROP 6x50kg
Triceps Push Down 12x15kg, 12x15kg
Flat Bench Press 12x50kg, 12x60kg, 12x60kg SLOW.
Press Ups 6,6,6 (FAILURE!)


08 Jan 2010

Parallel Back Squat 12x20kg, 12x100kg, 12x120kg, 8x130kg DROP 6x100kg DROP 6x50kg
Lying Hamstring Curl 12x35kg, 12x40kg, 12x45kg
Seated Calf Raise 12x25kg, 12x25kg, 12x35kg
Walking Lunges 12x35kg, 12x35kg, 10x35kg
Plate Loaded Leg Press 12x100kg, 12x100kg, 12x150kg
Standing Calf Raise 12x40kg, 12x40kg, 12x45kg


10 Jan 2010

Clean and Press 12x20kg, 12x50kg, 12x55kg, 6x65kg DROP 6x55kg
Front Barbell Shrug 12x50kg, 12x70kg, 12x70kg
Seated Dumbbell Shoulder Press 12x15kg, 12x20kg, 8x30kg DROP 6x17.5kg DROP 4x10kg
Front Plate Raise 12x15kg, 12x15kg, 12x15kg
Plate Loaded Shoulder Press 12x50kg, 4x90kg DROP 12x50kg DROP 6x40kg
Cable Upright Row 12x30kg, 12x40kg


13 Jan 2010

Deadlift 12x60kg, 12x60kg, 12x120kg
T Bar Row 12x15kg, 12x20kg, 12x25kg
Lat Pull Down 12x45kg, 12x55kg, 12x60kg
EZ Chin Curl 12x30kg, 12x35kg, 10x40kg
Screw Curl 12x10kg, 12x12.5kg, 10x15kg
Chin Ups 12, 9, 6


14 Jan 2010

Pull Ups 25
Deadlift 50x60kg
Press Ups 50
2ft Box Jump 50
Floor Wipers 50
One Arm KB Clean and Press 50
Pull Ups 25

Timed at 30:42


15 Jan 2010 I

Ran 8.6 miles in 65min


15 Jan 2010 II

Incline DB Bench Press 12x15kg, 12x25kg, 12x30kg, 8x30kg DROP 6x15kg
BB Skull Crushers 12x20kg, 10x30kg DROP 6x20kg, 12x30kg
Bench Dips 12x25kg, 12x45kg, 10x45kg DROP 6x20kg
Plate Loaded Chest Press 12x50kg, 6/6/6 x60kg MATRIX, 5x80kg DROP 6x30kg DROP 12x10kg
Push Downs 12x10kg, 12x15kg, 12x15kg
Flyes 12x12.5kg, 12x10kg
Dips 6
Press Ups 6