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Time to Get My.. UPDATED 06.09.09


Hi, guys and gals.
I'm a 27 year old norwegian. Been lifting for 7 years. I'm currently dieting, trying to get my bodyfat down to 4-5%. I train Gironda style, using mostly 8x8. I used to do some powerlifting, but not only do I suck at it, it also didn't do my physique any favors.

My diet:
12 eggs, veggies, 2tbsp fish oil, and 10 liver tabs per day. That's it. I pig out like an idiot on weekends :slight_smile:

Strength has never been my strong point. I've deadlifted 405 lbs for a double and benched 340 lbs.

I did not pump up for the pics...


One more pic:

I weigh about 183lbs. I'm about 6'1".
And, yes, my legs are sub-par. I'll post some full-body shots soon though.


Well, you're shredded man, excellent upper body definition.

I'm really curious how a 183 lb, 27 year old man lives on 12 eggs a day and some veggies. How do you have enough energy to breathe, let alone train? My bullshit detector is flashing.

Also, why would you consider yourself weak with a 405 deadlift and a 340 lb bench press? Are most Norwegians your size lifting Volkswagons?

You've been blessed. It's time to drop the eggs and liver tab routine and eat some steak. At 6'1", you should be able to carry another 20 lbs on your frame. At least.

My $0.02.


It's hard living on such a small amount of food, but it's working as far as fat loss goes. I'm constantly dizzy though :slight_smile: I remember Stallone saying he was standing with his head between his legs between takes when he was filming Rambo3. He was eating nothing but tuna at the time.

I can't do those lifts at this weight. I'm much weaker now. I still felt weak at the time though. There's a 24 year old benching 430lbs in my gym, so I'm relatively weak.

After fighting with norwegian customs for a week, I'm probably getting my HOT-ROX and TRIBEX next week. I hope that'll help me lose some more fat.

After that I'll take your advice and eat a few steaks :)I'm definetely aiming for more lean mass, but I'd like to see how low I can get my body fat first.


post some more pics so we can get a better idea about the rest of ya.


I really think you should up your cals.. I mean 12 eggs a day? Thats like 70g of protein... and your eating like 1000 calories and you weigh 183? Thats like half as many calories as the v-diet and even that is pretty low in calories


You're adding fat burners to your arsenal? What exactly do you intend to burn, your lips?

Seriously, if your goal is to become a magazine model, than you're already home.

I'll wait to rate you until we see the wheels.


I will up my cals in not too long. For now though, I'm happy sticking with fat loss. But I would like to be bigger, and I'll get to it eventually.


Im pretty sure at this point that the influx of skinny-minnies and "I dont want to be huge" guys has become, ridiculous.

Your basically on a starvation diet. Stop.


Ok. I do want to be big. I know I'll never be huge and ripped unless I do drugs, which I won't do. I'm sure I can be 200lbs, ripped and natural, and I'm shooting for that. Not at the moment though. When september comes I'll start gaining weight slowly.

I know I look like shit when I'm fat, so I refuse to be fat. For Gods sake, I'm not anorexic. I know that I need to be on a crazy low-kcal diet to get ripped, so that's what I'm doing. If someone thinks I'm scrawny, that's fine.

I have a goal of getting ripped, and I'm sure you can all relate to having a goal that's frowned upon by the general public. My goal for the next three years is to look something like Vince Gironda, Frank Zane or Steeve Reeves. I have a totally different frame, so I know I won't look otherworldly like Reeves or Zane, but that's my idea of an ideal physique.
I realize that a 1000-1200kcal diet is very very low, but believe it or not, it's working as far as losing fat goes. Who'd have thunk it? I'm not losing much muscle, and I think that the whole 'losing muscle' thing is grossly blown out of proportion. Alwyn Cosgrove has posted studies showing that people on an 800kcal diet did not lose lean mass.

So. I appreciate all the feedback. Just wanted to let you know what my goals are, and that I'm not mentally ill or anything. I've been on 6000kcal diets, and now I'm on a 1200kcal diet. As far as I'm concerned, they're both crazy. It all depends on where you're coming from.



I'm amazed that you carry as much dense, lean muscle mass as you do on that low of a food intake. Kudos to you for being disciplined enough to stick to it. I read your T-Page and you said that you used to be 225lbs. That's significant weight loss!

I'm 6'2" and fluctuate between 215-225lbs depending on the time of year. Currently, I'm at 218 and working diligently at building more mass. I'm 38 years old and can hang with all of the young guns at the gym. In fact, I kick their ass on most lifts, both in form and weight.

I've come to the realization that bring shredded (like yourself) is simply not a realistic goal for myself.

You have nothing to apologize for, as you are obviously attaing the goals you set out for yourself.

Keep kicking ass and taking names bud and post a shot of the wheels when you can.


Thanks, man!
Phew...this can be a pretty tough crowd :slightly_smiling:


Side-chest from last year. Not as defined, but I thought I'd post it anyway, as someone requested more pics.
Wheels will follow.


Dude! What made you decide to drop the size? The pic you just posted from last year will get MUCH more favorable reviews on this forum.



And here's a side-chest pose from yesterday as a comparison.


I wasn't any heavier at the time that photo was taken. Last year I went from 225lbs to 180 in about 16 weeks. The side-chest pose was taken at the end of the 16 weeks. I posted an identical pose, shot yesterday, as a comparison.


You're stacked for 180 lbs... Nice work. Great definition, and extremely full muscle bellies. Again, I'm amazed you carry so much muscle on 1200 calories a day.

A genetic freak perhaps?


Thanks again.
As I said, I've been on 6000kcal diets. I don't think I could have gained much mass on 1200 calories per day. However, I'm not losing a lot of mass on this kind of diet. The body seems to be holding on to muscle pretty well. I don't look big in street clothes. I actually look pretty small. That's the price to pay for looking ok naked I guess. I looked bulky at 225lbs, but I wasn't comfortable at that weight.
I will ditch the low-cal diet soon. I'll do it for a few more weeks, have some pictures taken and then start to up my calories slowly.


The back. Definitely a weak point. I'm biceps-dominant, so I have a hard time getting my back to grow, regardless of food intake.


awesome front, but i wouldn't even guess that was your back looking at the other pictures. agreed that you need to bring it up.

good job so far.