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Time To Get Into Shape


I have been competing in powerlifting for about 7 years I decided i want to get back into the kind of shape that i was in when i was a wrestler I weighted a lean 230 at that time. I have been doing many different things the prowler. please post some of your favorite conditioning work outs. here is one of mine

Yes I know i need a tan ... height 5'9 weight 255


Dude you're huge.
The end result is gonna be sweet.
Wish ya the best!


My favorite conditioning workouts are the CT Lactate-inducing workouts.Pretty intense.


thanks !!!!

that is a great article one of my favorites


IM happy I helped,hell Im proud i helped such a big guy!


Damn dude best of luck on that shit. You'll be lookin like the ripped dave tate.


You look really lean already.
and you look like one strong powerful dude.

Are you working around any injuries?

I am a big fan of complexes- either with usually with a barbel
great conditioning tool

and I really like the tabata protocol on a rower, spinning bike , airdyne bike,
or versa climber has to be something that can count strokes rpms etc.
or with a jumprope, or burpees

and track work
one day- sprints then broad jumps I prefer them to hurdles.

but your already doing prowler sprints so you might have that covered :slight_smile:

Right now Im trying to get a little bigger stronger - so more "maintanance cardio"
and swimming.



I'm sold. I need a Prowler.


word son, make it two.....



I have been very lucky i have only had one major injury about three years ago i tore my quad in half squatting 800 X3 I tried a different type of shoe that day and it didn't work out tell well. lol

i have always been "lean" even at my biggest 310 I still had abs. I like Jim wendler just got sick of not being able to tie ones shoes and barely be able to walk across the room.

Thank you for those suggestions I will have to easy into them since I have not done anything quiet like that in some time. I have done some complexes from time to time so that shouldn't be an issue. most of those things i use with the athletes I work with.

As for you getting stronger I would do 5-3-1 for the raw lifter as outlined in wendler's book training three days a week. It is very simple and too the point. Pound the food and get plenty of sleep because you are only going to be training 3 days a week for an hour this should allow you to do some conditioing as well. I would do mostly heavy dragging and famers walk. box jumps and sprints and agilities since you are trying to get bigger and stronger.'

here is a video of me a couple weeks after i tore my quad doing high rep pin pulls. It was one of the few things i could do for lower body at the time. I was around 290 at the time


the prowler it the real deal .......

gets up in great shape and strong as hell .... easy on the joints .....

and it makes you throw up too :slight_smile:


LOL. Yeah,I've had Prowler-on-the-brain for a while. Biggest thing for me is that I could bust my ass with that thing and not be too sore or beat up to do my muay thai technique sessions....which is vital for me. Plus,I need all the extra conditioning I can get right now.


Thanks for the replies...

Your vids are sick, and you have great technique and are a solid coach.
Nice work.
I pulled/pushed a sled in college they where not that sophisticated, but they rocked!
ON weekends I play with a wheelbarrow up and down a hill , fun but not exactly easy on the joints.

Lots of the over 35 crowd here are doing the 5.3.1 right now- and they all seem to like it.
Im doing 4 days a week and finding it a little hard on the elbows, and shoulders.

We did complexes in college for wrestling- little tykes (like me) used little weights but the bigger guys
and heavies used much bigger weights- more like a giant set

The best/wosrt stuff we did would be things that Dan John has wrote about
we would front or OH squat then sprint 200m or 400m rinse and repeat.
those sucked.



5 3 1 is great for most poeple because it is basic and allows for alot of recovery. As for your elbows and shoulders send me a video of your bench press. we might be able to change a few things.

You could squat with a cambered bar or safty squat bar if you have them. That would take some stress off the elbows and shoulders. The fat bar has worked well for me in the past as well.
If you have a football or log bar to press with as well that would be a nice plus.

Add more good fat to diet. Fish oil, olive oil, ect.

if you are rolling alot you might need to go to 2 lifting days a week. Wendler has a three day lifting e book that explains how to do this. I migh help cut down on wear and tear



Marker on the thread. Will be looking for some innovative conditioning ideas in a couple of weeks when our new facility opens. Really want to kick our fighters into better shape!


Jim thanks for the reply

I am mostly retired from rolling- my neck cant take it no surprise at 37 :slight_smile:
I have two or three fused vertebrae - no surprise after 8 to 10 years of wrestling .

My shoulder issues are in the right shoulder where I broke the clavicle

the tendinitis type stuff in the elbows seems to have started when I was doing
a huge amount of chins , multiple set of 20's and some work related repetitive stuff.
Im sure my bench form isn't great but I do try to tuck the elbows

I do take some tumeric/currcurim 500, as well as some serious fish oil.
healhy fats cant hurt thanks for the tips.

as for conditioning..

here is something I did yesterday

speed box squats

thend did glute ham raises, alternating with DB snatches, then standing broad jumps

I would do it differently- next time
and do jump squats, DB snatches, broad jumps- dont really have anything to jump on.