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Time to Get Hyooge


Whats good TNation

This is my first post but Ive been reading the site religiously for some time. I've lifted on 5/3/1 and Starting Strength before, but inconsistency has always been my limiting flaw; whether I got my priorities fucked up or lost access to a gym, I've never really gone long enough without a hiatus to see the results I am capable of.

This time around however I have renewed dedication and am trying to pay more attention to my diet, as I've always struggled to gain lean mass. I want to get strong, get fucking massive, and to just quit being a total pussy in general.

Some background / stats:
20 y/o
6'1'', 210 lbs
~14% bodyfat

I've been using this MAdcow version of the Bill Starr 5X5 for a little over a month now

A lot of you are probably familiar with it, basically three full body, basic workouts a week ramping to a 5RM.

Starting Maxes
Squat 200 X 5
Deadlift 290 X 5
Push Press 120 X 5
Bench 160 X 5
BB Row (Underhand) 180 X 5

I've been keeping up with the weekly progression so far, and have worked up to
Squat 220 X 5
Deadlift 310 X 5
Push Press 140 X 5
Bench 175 X 5
Row 200 X 5

These arent necessarily maxes, just the weights im working with now.

Im hoping that the physical and mental strength of the Tnation population will rub off on me and motivate me to keep going. thats the reason for this log, as i know these numbers are obviously nothing to write home about.

updates to come regularly