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Time to Get Down to Business

Basicly ive been liftin on and off for a couple of years of what i thort was good training but after discovering this website i realised why ide gained so little and decided to get serious and stop buyin all these bb mags and jumpin from routine to routine.

i started back in january by stickin to alot of compound lifts and concentrating on strength by workin up to a 5 rep max on my lifts which worked quite well and i started getting alot of comments about how much bigger i was getting then 2 months ago i broke my hand and had to watch as the good results slowly dissapeared.
my hand is now better and ime now just fed up of being a skinny guy so ive made it my mission to greatly increase my strength and size to a reasonable level

my goals are to reach

100kg/220lb bench
140kg/308lb deadlift
120kg/264lb squat

a bodyweight of over 12 stone / 168 lbs

i cant reely tell you what my numbers are at the moment because of my hand but my current bodyweight is 11 stone / 154 lbs

at the moment ime doing the 40 day program that was posted a few weeks ago just to get back into the swing of things which is workin quite well it basicly involves jus doin the same exercises everyday and just liftin wat u feel and it is gettin back the strength ive lost quite quickly and it has also stopped me from hating squats as i now do them everyday

so this is to help me along and fforce me to train harder as i will know people will be looking at my results ile be starting westside for skinny bastards on monday and ile post up a couple of pics tomorow

wish me luck

taken today

side view

rear flexing

front flexing

i know how skinny i am no need to mention it ive just done so i can compare wat i look like now to wat i am hoping to look like in the next 3 and then 6 months

training went quite well today. my hand is feelin pretty good at the moment and its atlast starting to feel good wen i lift i can go quite heavy and it feels good however my grip strength is reely bad in my broken hand which is definetly holdin back my deadlift. no spotter today my training partner is on holiday but this is wat i lifted today. worked up to one heavy workset.

box squat 70kg x 5 reps
deadlift 70kg x 5 reps felt i could go heavier but my hand jus gives up by the 5 rep
bench 55kg x 5 reps
bent over row 50kg x 5 reps
dips 2 sets x 8 reps x bodyweight ( hand started to feel funny so called it a day )

pretty confident ile be ready for the westside for skinny bastards by monday but i think i may need to ease into a little bit just to give my hand a chance

forgot to post training from friday it went as follows

box squat 70kg x 5
deadlift 80kg x 4
bench 55kg x 5
bent row 52.5 x 5

startin westside for skinny bastards today will post results later

ok first day on the new plan

bench - worked up to max of 3 - 57.5kg
decline dumbell press - 15kgx10 15kgx10 17.5kgx8 20kgx8
one arm row - 20kgx12 20kgx12 20kgx12 20kgx10
seated dumbell power clean - 5kgx12 5kgx12 5kgx12 kept it light to get good form never done this before
hanging leg raises - 3sets x 8reps - my grip stopped me from goin higher very enoying

notes- hand felt good and was glad to be training properly again although i wish i had a spotter as i reely think i could of done 60 just knowin sumone was ther just incase

day 2 - wednesday

box squat - worked up to max 5 - 75kg
reverse lunge - 30kgx8 35kgx8 35kgx8
romanian deadlift - 50kgx10 60kgx8 60kgx8
barbell holds - 30kg x 30 secs x 3 (30kg in one hand)

felt good today had to reely phyce myself up for the box squat but was pleased, i thought i hated lunges but reverse ones are worse however i’m determined to stick to them as i used to hate squats but have realised if you force yourself to do something you hate you will feel much better in the end

yeh my grip still feels week so am tryin to push hard on that to get it back quickly . though those bar holds wernt fun but i felt good after

day 3 - thursday

dips - bw x 5 bw x 5 bw x 8
skull crushers - 20kg x 10 - 22.5kg x 8 - 22.5kg x 9
chins - bw x 5 - bw x5 - bw x 5 - very dissapointed used to be able do 12 from deadhang now this
standing dumb shoulder press - 10kg x 10 - 10kg x 8 - switched to seated then 10kg x 10
cable rows (straight bar att)- (wu)30kg x 12 - 50kg x 8 - 50kg x 7
ab curcuit - side plank - 30 sec each side
plank - 30 sec
seratus sit ups - 10 kg x 12
press ups - 10 - did these instead of reapeating plank

performed curcuit twice with no rest

workout was good overall today but was soo dissapointed about how little chins i can do its so bad its embarrassing so i will definetly be working hard at that, ime not too sure about todays workout didnt reely feel write so i think i may tweek it and change to a 4 day a week plan now so as not to ruin my results by changin it further down the line, i dont think much needs changing atall just maybe change one or two things
so im going to go over the choice of exercises from the westside for skinny bastards article and have a think however im so glad im came to my senses and took curls out of todays workout and replaced them with cable rows as i think with doin chins my biceps will get enough of a workout.

ps. my legs hurt reeel bad today im lovin it

ok so after doin this week i went back over the westside article and make two 3 changes

  • monday im goin to swap decline presses for incline to get more size on my upper chest
  • on the repitition day im goin to swap dips for max reps with a 95lb barbell as i dont like leening forward when dipping just doesnt feel rite to me for my shoulders
  • im goin to add a forth day in which i just want to do calfs,pull ups, dips (upright), and alot of flexibility work as im used to workin out 4 days a week and prefer it that way

reely like they lay out of this westside for skinny bastards but i just didnt choose the exercises well enuf the first time and jus chuckin a light easy day for calfs and bodyweight exercises

day 4 monday

had to help a friend with moving so only had time to bench today

worked up to max of 3 - 60 kg

going to aim to do the rest of the workout at some point during the week so i dont miss it

day 5 tuesday

ok so did the rest of my workout that i missed yesterday it went like this

decline dumb press - 15kg x 10 - 17.5kg x 8 - 17.5kg x 10 - 22.5 x 5
one arm row - 22.5kg x 10 - 22.5kg x 12 - 25kg x 10 - 25kg x 10
seat power clean - 5kg x 12 - 5kg x 12 - 5 kg x 13
hang leg raise - 10reps - 10reps - 10 reps

very good workout today definetly starting to get back into the swing of things and apart ffrom my slightly week grip my hand is feelin pretty much back to normal - very happy

day 6 - wednesday

box squat - worked up to max of 5 - 80kg
reverse lunge - 35kg x 8 - 37.5kg x 8 - 37.5kg x 10 ( last 2 reps on last set rest paused )
stand calf raises - bw+10kg x 8 - bw+10kg x 8 - bw+10kg x 10
romanian deadlift - 60kg x 8 - 62.5kg x 7 - 62.5kg x 6
barbell holds - 30kg x 35sec - 30kg x 32sec - 30kg x 27sec

very plesed with my box squat today as i did 77.5kg x 5 and then decided to do 80kg for 1 but some how managed to crank out 5 however slightly dissappointed with my romanian dead

day 7 - thursday

max reps bench press with 45kg - 9 - 9 - 12
skull crushers - 20kg x 10 - 22.5kg x 8 - 25kg x 6 - 25kg x 8
chin - ups - bw x 5 - bw x 5 - bw x 5 - bw x 4
standing dumb bell shoulder press - 10kg x 12 - 10kg x 11 - 12.5kg x 9 (last set seated)
cable row - 50kg x 7 - 50kg x 7 - 50kg x 7
ab curcuit training - just did alot of different exercises for 5 mins

bit late sorry but heres monday results

day 8 - monday

bench press - worked up to max of 3 - 60 kg - after that did 62.5kg x 1
decline dumbell press - 17.5kg x 10 - 20kg x 8 - 20kg x 8 - 22.5kg x 5 (weight = each side)
one arm row - 25kg x 10 - 25kg x 10 - 25kg x 10 - 27.5kg x 10 (last set with straps)
seat dumbell power cleans - 5kg x 15 - 5kg x 12 - 5kg x 12
hang leg raises - 3 sets of 10

day 8 - monday

bench press - worked up to max of 3 - 60kg after that 62.5kg x 1
dec dumb press - 17.5kg x 10 - 20kg x 8 - 20kg x 8 - 22.5kg x 5
one arm row - 25kg x 10 x 3sets - 27.5kg x 10 (last set with straps)
seat dumb power cleans - 5kg x 15 - 5kg x 12 - 5kg x 12
hang leg raise - 3 sets 10 reps

day 9 - wednesday

box squat - worked up to max of 5 - 85kg ( last 2 reps rest paused slightly )
reverse lunge - 37.5kg x 8 - 40kg x 8 - 40kg x 8 - 42.5kg x 6
romanian deadlift - 65kg x 8 - 65kg x 7 - 65kg x 6 - 67.5kg x 6
bar holds - 30kg x 40secs - 30kg x 35secs - 30kg x 32 secs