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Time to Get Back on the Horse

bit of background about myself, 20 years old, started training at 16 and by 19 had best lifts of 295/210/305 (650/462/670) @ 153kg. after a few issues i stopped training and stopped taking a decent amount of gear with no pct for over a year before getting back into it seriously, atm im weighing 110kg and a hell of alot leaner. focusing more on bodybuilding right now and aim to compete probably next year sometime, might do a powerlifting comp sometime this year. i am on gear but would like someone to chime in whether or not i can write about it in here

You can discuss virtually any steroid related issue here except for places to source gear.

Ok cool, thanks. Well in that case I’m currently on 25mg suspension/day and 200 tren e a week. Will be starting 800 test e, 900 deca, 50mg dbol cycle within the next few weeks