Time to Get Back on the Horse

looking for feedback from my breathren on my plan for the spring/summer.

I have had a rather long layoff from the juice (off since mid oct) to give my system a solid break and make some natural gains.

I am waiting on the results from my second blood test (taken with nothing in my system) to see where TT, FT, LH, FSH, Prolactin, and E2 are naturally and get a good baseline for pre-cycle.

I’ve now gotten (naturally…well creatine but that doesn’t count) just about back to where I was on cycle in terms of strength which I am rather happy about. Don’t have nearly the stamina and body comp is a little off from where it was but that is to be expected when training naturally.

Currently I am sitting at about 230-235lbs (~15%bf)…I am nearing my 30th birthday so my present to myself is a massive cycle.

#1. injury repair - overall my health is pretty good, my joints are feeling much better than in fall but still ailing a bit…knees aren’t yet 100% but much better (no more pain going up and down stairs)…elbows and ankles as well feel kind of run down.

#2. fatloss - I have slowly started to creep up in terms of bf over the winter so I’d like to drop back below 10%…my ultimate goal is to try to get down to about 5-7% to look good for summer and regain some speed

#3. lean mass, strength, and explosive speed for rugby - pretty self explanitory

The plan:

Phase I - injury repair and fatloss

W 1-16 GH 4iu ED (5 on 2 off taken Subq or IM split into 2iu early AM and 2iu pre-workout)
W 1-8 Var 60mg ED (split into 20mg doses)
W 1-16 Metformin (optional)

I will be eating low carb/anabolic diet type during this phase or take metformin along with carb meals to simulate a low carb environment and improve insulin sensitivity. training will be cardio 2x/w and weights 2x/w as usual but I think I am going to switch things to a higher rep lower weight scheme.

Phase II - beast mode

W 17-19 Test Prop 50mg ED
W 17-19 Tren Ace 30mg ED or NPP 30mg ED
W 17-32 Test Enth 250-300mg E3D
W 17-28 Deca 125-150mg E3D
W 23-28 Winny (oral) 50-75mg ED (split into 25mg doses)
W 17-36 Adex ~0.25-0.5mg ED depending on E2
W 17-28 HGH 10iu E3D (split into 4 doses IM or IV)
W 17-30 Caber 0.5mg 2x/w
W 18-34 HCG 250iu E3D
W 34-38 Test Enth 50mg 2x/w
W 39-44 Test Enth taper down slowly to zero
W 42-44 Clomid (the usual protocol depending on how the nuts are doing)

During this phase I am going to reintroduce the carbs but just AM and PW for the high GI carbs (possibly taking metformin still but just with the AM carbs if I do). Workouts will be rugby 3x/w and then weights 2-3 days a week depending on how I am holding up recovery wise. Plan is to switch back to heavy compound movements for low reps (4-8) during that time.

Goal for protein will stay at about 250-300g/d from any meats I can shove in my food hole, eggs, nuts, and protein shakes. Will try to get as much good fats as possible. Outside of that I will continue taking the usual stuff like fish oil, CLA, Multi vit/mineral, glucosamin/chondroitin, creatine, etc

So pretty complicated looking as usual but basically gona run test and deca with a frontload and some winny in the middle…the Adex and Caber are there to combat sides from E and Prolactin…the HGH is to try to get some long term body comp changes.

I’m not going to bother with a log but I will prob post before and afters with a results summary sometime in Oct when I am nearing completion.

Overall should be a fun little summer.

FG out…

That is a huge cycle. Is the first phase BBB’s protocol?

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Why would he drop the Deca? The NPP would be his 3 week frontload while the deca blood level is raising.

I got goosebumps looking at the beast portion of the cycle. Sounds like a blast Furious. My friend is looking to follow in the same steps you took, take a solid break and then jump back in the wagon on another massive bulker. I have nothing to add, I’m just here to watch and learn lol.

[quote]bushidobadboy wrote:
Not my protocol by any means. FG does all his own work, lol.

Also, the phase where you do propose to use ‘my’ GH protocol looks a little short in all honesty.

Whilst I sincerely hope that my method of GH administration does yield results quickly, I would be surprised of 11 weeks does it fully, but here’s hoping. Perhaps the prior GH run (4iu ED 5 on, 2 off - which I think might be a bit of a waste of GH due to the ED somatostatin release, but who knows) will be of assistance, though since the androgens will be so low, I’m not sure.

Can I also assume that if you run the NPP instead of the tren ace, that you will drop the deca?


I’ve never done GH so I wanted to compare the two protocols…I know it will be a tough comparison because of the other variables (big difference between a little bit of Var and a test/deca/winny cycle) but really my reasoning is I have totally different goals for the two phases.

My reason for doing the “traditional” 5 on 2 off slow release method for the first phase is that I am looking mainly for assistance with joints and injury repair with some mild fatloss as a hopefull side effect…the var will hopefully give a bit of help to the fatloss and joint repair while giving just enough anabolic assistance to maintain muscle mass even if I am in a little caloric deficit from cutting out the carbs.

My reason for doing BBB’s protocol for the second phase is that I am blasting the androgens and I want to try to induce some (mild) meso changes at that time and see if I can add to the lean mass gained from the AAS. I don’t want to change my body type too drastically because I am pretty close to my ideal size and shape, at 6’4" I am still pretty long and lean so I can afford to add some muscle but if I add too much it will be really obvious to everyone that I am geared up because I will be beyond what looks like a very athletic body and into “pro” caliber…I have a job in sales so for me to look like a pro bodybuilder isn’t really an option.

once this cycle is done I will likely just focus for a while on fixing any lagging body parts to balance out my physique. if I can maintain 240-245lbs @ 10%bf or less off cycle I would be more than happy with that and just want to work on symmetry and getting leaner.

The frontload with NPP would be just that, a frontload to get levels up before the deca kicks in…the reason I was considering tren is that it would blast off the cycle really quick and I have about 5cc’s left over from last cycle I need to use up. I found my tolerance for tren last cycle was about 3 weeks before the insomnia etc started to kick in so it should work fine as a kickstart. I’ll just cruise on the deca from there.

[quote]Growing_Boy wrote:
I got goosebumps looking at the beast portion of the cycle. Sounds like a blast Furious. My friend is looking to follow in the same steps you took, take a solid break and then jump back in the wagon on another massive bulker. I have nothing to add, I’m just here to watch and learn lol. [/quote]

ya, i got some goosebumps writing it…pretty fuckin excited to get er done.

This seems pretty intense…FG just curious, have you used all the other compounds in the past other than GH? As far as advice goes…buy a notebook, gonna be tough to keep up with all thats going on lol. Goodluck, I’m looking foward to following this if you decide to log it

I haven’t used deca before so it will be the maiden voyage for that as well.

I definitely will be interested to see your feedback on Deca. Especially after BR’s views on it verses Tren.

Are you worried about recovery at all?

That looks fun.

Hey FG, why did you opt with a var only cycle for the first phase?

[quote]soontobeIFBB wrote:
Hey FG, why did you opt with a var only cycle for the first phase?[/quote]

He titled that phase “injury repair and fatloss”

[quote]waylanderxx wrote:
Are you worried about recovery at all?

That looks fun.[/quote]

I forgot to post that I will be running HCG at 250iu during the cycle…I plan to run that until the end and then I am going to run a test taper with some clomid throw into the second half of the taper depending on how things are going.

I am going to try running the SERM duirng the taper rather than during the stasis this time because I really didn’t feel it did anything running it during the stasis…which my blood test backed up (my LH and FSH were both <1).

I may shorten the cycle a bit depending on how I am feeling and what point I start it (I would rather be “on” during playoffs if possible).

[quote]Dynamo Hum wrote:
soontobeIFBB wrote:
Hey FG, why did you opt with a var only cycle for the first phase?

He titled that phase “injury repair and fatloss”[/quote]

you got it. var is supposed to be good for injury repair and fatloss…i want to give it a try.