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TIme to Get Back In Shape!?


Hello T-Nation! Some of you might remember me from 2-3 years ago, but i see a lot of new faces so i guess not :stuck_out_tongue: I used to be a fairly regular member here, was here when the t-cell started and was 1 of the t-cell members for a while ahaha, good times. Anyways to get back on point:

WALL OF TEXT INCOMING skip to bottom for tl;dr

OK a little backstory, I first found this site 3 years ago, when i was about 5'5 210lb and looking to get in shape becuase i was only 13 and had been made fun of for my weight my whole life. I had ~38-40" waist (in middle school!) and had trouble with simple things like running/jogging. After coming on this site, looking for advice on how to fix my diet and workout (small things like no more sugary drinks/foods, most of my diet based around chicken breasts and rice with veggies, protein shakes, other suppliments, and what workouts work best such as HIIT). I worked on it for about 6-9 months, and managed to grow 2-3" AND at the same time drop down to 169lb, with a 30-32" waist. I was feeling pretty happy about this.

Flash foreward 1 year, end of grade 10 starting of grade 11, most progress is in weight i can lift, still weigh the same, arms getting bigger around 15" now from their original 15" of fat, then 13" of muscle. Been taking more breaks for some unknown reason, but dumbell press went up to 55lb dumbells, squat machine (still had trouble with squats :stuck_out_tongue: was working on form as well) went up to 300lb+, deadlift went up to around 185lb. Nothing too impressive, but i felt good about it for a 15 year old.

THEN depression hit, i suffer from clinical depression (diagnosed by a psychiatrist, not some bullshit internet test) and at the same time, my right wrist was always in pain. I went to doctors all year long, found out i had a ganglion (sp?) cyst in my wrist that required surgery. This helped make my depression worst, and led to lots of eating and video games to drown it out. Spent my summer under the knife and under depression, which eased up around the end.

Today, i went to buy my uniform for my last year in highschool. I asked for a size 34 pair becuase thats what i nromally wear, and the only pair that fit me was a size 38. I was extremely pissed off at this. As of right now, i havent even weighed myself out of embarassment, but im probably at 210-220lb again. My arms are probably an embarassing 13.5-14" again. And i want to get back in shape, ASAP. My determination is at its highest to get back in shape somehow.

tl;dr i was fat, then i found T-Nation and wasnt so fat and was in good shape, had depression and surgery, now im fat again and want to fix it!

I can go to the gym everyday for 2-3 hours if nessessary afterschool since schools starting, i can come home for lunch and eat whatever i want, whatever i want for breakfast, lunch, dinner, meals, etc. I have all and any suppliment needed, protein powder, BCAA pills, creatine, fish oil, vitamin suppliment, etc. Im getting my YMCA membership back in about a week. This is what im going to be doing starting TODAY becuase of how pissed off at myself i am:

5 Sets of 10-15 pushups + 20-25 situps
750-1000 skipping rope

I have 10lb and 20lb dumbells at home, dont know what to do with them since i dont have a bench or anything.

As for diet, i wanted to go on a mainly protein and fat diet (atkins? not really, but trying to eat as little carbs as possible)
My main food items of choice are going to be grilled chicken breasts, eggs, tuna, and assorted vegitables. With every meal, ill have a protein shake. Ill eat 5-6 meals a day.

When i can get my ymca membership back, ill do what i was doing before, monday chest/tris, tuesday back/bis, wednesday legs/deads, and repeat same 3 day setup for thurs fri sat. and rest on sundays. As for the workout itself, i usually do what i can handle, 5 sets of ~8 with dumbell press, with 5 sets of flys, 5 sets of tri pulldowns, etc. just whatever i feel comfortable with while i still work myself. End it off with 30 minutes of biking or skipping rope. I'll have to be careful with the weights becuase im not sure how much pressure my right wrist can handle, especially so fresh off surgery, but ill try my best as long as i dont feel any pain in my wrist.

Thats what i have down so far, im not an expert, and dont remember much from before, but this is the best i can come up with. Any motivation, adjustment to my diet/workout, and comments are welcome! I dont know how the forum works anymore, but if i posted in the wrong section can a mod move it to the right area? Thanks!


Sorry to hear bout your depression :frowning: ...
still atleast you are in a situation where u can sort of train again, i know it makes me feel 100 times better :slight_smile:


Yeah i started getting some of it back becuase i felt fat lol, so i just got a haircut (some might remember my haircut thread LOL i got flamed pretty hard) skipped some rope and it worked, feeling better than ever :stuck_out_tongue:

I have a question, what are good healthy muscle-building foods my mom can make for me? My whole family is trying to get in shape, and my moms been making lots of soups, brown rice, and chicken breasts, but im not sure what else is good. Any suggestions?


Muscle building foods:

-brown rice
-turkey (personal favourite)

(Lots more aswel but you get the idea)


Think i need a haircut haha :slight_smile: