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Time to get a bit leaner

I’ve been bulking for a few months now, and now with Mag-10, I’m close to the weight I wanted to be at. However, my pants are starting to get a bit too tight, so I think it’s time to lean out for a few weeks and then get back into bulking. I’ll be just coming off of Mag-10, so I’m going to use Tribex and M for the three weeks that I’m going to lean out. I’m also thinking of just cutting back quite a bit on some carbs, go a bit below my new maintenance, and use some OLD formula MD6 and T2 (and about 6gms of L-carnitine), and start up some light cardio 30 minutes for 3-4x/week. Anybody have any suggestions on how to alter this to keep the most amount of LBM on during the period while still getting rid of some of the excess fat/water?