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Time to Eat?


My usual routine is get home from work, work out, shower then eat dinner. Recently I have changed it to eating before working out.

Which should I do? I feel that if I work out AFTER I eat, then I am burning off the food I just ate as well as what i ate throughout the day. Is this true?

Let me know! thanks!


What time are you getting home, and working out? Ideally, you would want to eat a meal that consists of good carbs (Oats) along with protein (either a lean meat, or even a Whey shake with water).

Do your workout about 30-60 minutes after consuming this meal. After your workout, have a shake that consists of simple carbs and protein (2:1 carb:protein ratio...check out Surge in the store)

If you do not want to go that route, and already have Whey protein, you could mix 1 scoop of Whey ~25g protein with about 4 scoops of Gatorade powder ~50g carbs.(Note: Gatorade powder is the way to go, not a gatorade drink...two different sugars). Have that immediately following your workout and shower.

Then have a complete meal for dinner about 60-90 minutes after the shake. Then, have your pre-bed snack (Casein and some fats) and you will be good to go.


thank you for the info.

i usually get home around 4:30-5, work out for about an hr and a half, then shower, then eat a light dinner. after a bit (usally a couple hours, about 8:30 or so), I make my protein shake and drink that. i try not to eat anything after dinner. I used to do that - eat leftovers at 11 and 12 at night... damn college - so im trying to get out of that habit.

now that you have updated info, anything else u can tell me?


I have a somewhat similar schedule, except I have to go to a gym. My layout would be this

5pm: 1/2 cups of oats with 1 tbsp Natural PB and 1 serving of Whey protein

5:30 workout 1 hour

6:30 1 serving Whey with gatorade powder (Surge would be ideal, but I am writing this using items that you "might" have, or are more readily available to you) mixed with water. You want 2:1 carbs to protein. Normal Whey scoops are roughly 25g proetin, and with the gatorade powder, 4 scoops will get you to 50g simple carbs (sugars). I use chocolate whey with lemon lime gatorade, sounds shitty, but it is yummy. I use Surge on my lifting days, but have this shake handy for after cardio, since it is cheaper for me.

7:30-8pm Dinner, lean meat and veggies. You could also have rice or potatoes here along with the meat and veggies.

11pm or before bed Have either Cottage cheese or Casein Protein with a fat (my choice is nuts at this time...almonds, walnuts. This meal will help feed your muscles while they repair during sleep.

Hope that helps.


I forgot to add...it's ok to eat later in the evening, before bed. You just have to be smarter about WHAT you eat. Pizza would not be a good choice, but a solid protein and some healthy fats are ok.


I agree do both something before and after.
That burning it during, well youd rather be buring it then potentially burning your own muscle etc.



thanks for all the great advice everyone!