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Time to Drop to the Single Digits

ok so about a year ago now i decided to drop weight and get back into shape i started at 260 and not sure about body fat. when i started i wasnt motivated and lazy in general so it took me a few months to get into the motions you know well as it is now im at 210 and 14% body fat so im assuming my body fat was really high before i look better and feel great now and i really want to drop down to the single digits and see how far i can go but stay around 220 tops im 6ft 1.

i have a 3 day split now and train with a someone once a week for a mixup now heres my question how many cals do i need a day? how much protein so on and so forth right now im eating 5 small meals a day protein shake in the morning cant eat in the morning then the next 3 meals are 6oz of chiken 1 serv of either fruit or a veg then an hour before bed i drink another shake so i have protein through the night. i dont drink but maybe 3 times a year and dont smoke. any tips or adivce would be great and if you read all this thanks lol its long

diet questions should be posted in the Supplements and Nutrition forum… go check over there

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