Time to Downsize

Been lifting for awhile. Met most of my goals. Am 52 now. Want to continue lifting and lose about 75 lbs
BF % about 20%.

Looking for best way to do this. Would like to keep powerlifting - understand maxes will decrease

Would recommendation be to cut calories about 250-500 per day and increase aerobic? Would anyone increase reps/sets, currently I do wendler type lifting 3-4 days week. Aerobic once per week- sometimes a little more.

No timeline for weight loss— maybe a year ?

Appreciate everyone’s input


  • Either a 500 cal deficit with no cardio or 250 cal deficit with some cardio.
  • Keep lifting as you were, definitely not higher reps lower weight, if anything more low rep strength work.
  • Cycle carbs. Higher on training days with 1 or 2 low carb days, the rest somewhere inbetween
  • Weigh daily but assess weekly, decreasing average weekly weight is a reasonable metric if you are well trained and not in beginner gains mode (assume you aren’t.

I lost 15lb in ~ 12-15 weeks doing this at the start of the year from a relatively lean start point.

I used the higher deficit no cardio approach, because I hate cardio.


Basically what Pinky said.

Imo I would personally go with the 250cal deficit approach as you have stated that you have no time line, easier to manage and little to no muscle loss. Age is also the reason why I would suggest such, if you are not on TRT and assuming you are the average range of test for a man of 52 you wouldn’t need any more reason for you to be risking loosing muscle.

And bump on the training heavy.

Good luck!

20% body fat but you want to lose 75 lbs?


What @Pinkylifting said. My only additions would be to suggest you cut cals ~3500/week (ie, doesn’t have to be 500/d; can run a deeper deficit on some days, less of one on others), and keep the aerobic work as a trump card to play when your weight loss on that deficit slows down.

that’s what I was thinking. Dude must be enormous.

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Thanks for help. Regarding question of why so much weight loss —- have always been big. Football in colege. No TRT. Tired of tight shirts, having to get everything tailored. Also- ACL injury in college. Gets a little sore. Figure less weight will decrease my chance of needing a new knee.

I think the implication above is that you’re likely more than 20% bodyfat if you have 75 lbs to lose…

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A couple times a week tack on some heavy conditioning finishers like farmers walks or these below to the end of your workout…

Makes sense. So many ‘regular’ folks like me are so focused on gaining mass, it’s hard to get your head wrapped around wanting to lose 75 lbs but at a respectable 20% body fat. That would mean quite likely you’d be losing muscle as well, but for overall health it’s the right thing to do.

At 375 lbs, 20% body fat = 75 lbs body fat. That would be one massive person, Eddie Hall or Brian Shaw sized.

If he weighed 750lbs and was 20% bf, then he’d have 150lbs of fat. If he wanted to lose 75lbs and be 10% body fat his statement would make sense.

OP, do you weight 750lbs, with 600lbs of lean mass?


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Yes I weight 750 lbs. nice pickup

I didn’t say I wanted to lose 75 lbs of fat

I want to get smaller. I understand that comes with losing muscle as well

I appreciate the the thoughtful answers from most. It helped.

Will sign off. Assume that this thread will soon deteriorate.

I’m busting your chops. You don’t have to lose that much muscle. I went from 273 to 206 over the course of two years while I put on muscle. I cleaned up my diet and did as pinky suggested.

But, I’d say you are undershooting your BF%.

I think you’ll be fine, we’ve had some egregiously bad threads lately and the vets of the forum have showed a surprising amount of patience.

See, DChris-that wasn’t too hard to be nice was it ?
Your second answer helped me more

My body fat was measured by calipers by someone else. So I understand there is some potential error—- even if the measurements were way off and I was at 30 or 40% body fat , the overall advice here would be about the same it seems— lift hard. High weight. Low reps. Manuipulate diet/calories . Add aerobics as needed.
Don’t lose too quickly

Again, thanks all, and I’m out (this time for sure)

On that note, what’s your current weight?

When you were 295 two years ago and trying to lose fat, what did you do that worked? Or, depending on the results you got, what did you do that didn’t work?

God willing