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Time to Do Something About That Spare Tire


Hello all.

First off, I am in my late 30's and have been somewhat active for the better part of my life (sports and cycling). Never really pushed myself for weight training. Now, that I am getting older and that "spare tire", I figured it was time to do something about it; along w/ my whole physique.

I have been an avid cyclist for the better part of my life. I am an ectomorph. My weight is very stabilized; I can neither gain nor lose very easily. I am 5'10" and weigh in @ 175#. I am pretty comfortable w/ the weight, I just want to make it look a little more appealing to the eye. I am having a real hard time getting myself in to a routine to get myself on the right track.

As far as equipment goes... I have incline/decline bench, two barbells, an assortment of dumbbells, curl bar, pull up bar (and straps), one heavy resistance band, P90X (I got about two weeks in to it and my tv died; haven't really got the oomph to start in to it again), rowing machine, cycle trainer.

I just really need a good routine to follow in order to get me a little more fit-looking.

Right now, my employer has a 16 week walkathon going on, where we turn in a pedometer once a week to record our distance walked or time exercising. Last year I won considerably due to my amount of cycling. This year, I am going for first place again only this time, w/ less cycling. I want to win again but on a more noticable (appearance) level.

Can anyone recommend a good routine or point me in a direction for one? I would really like to maintain my weight w/in 20 pounds; I just want to look less out of shape and more announced.

Thanks in advance!

Jeff from Florida