Time to Cut Down Some

stats age 20 weight 260 gained 35 pounds over 8 months some muscle some fat. i came back from from deployment weighing 225 benching 405 dead lift sad squat not bad. (at 216 all abs were visible some fat on bottom two.)

my true weight probally should be 240 i love food though i mean love it lol. another reason of weight gain is no cardio so this is what i want if any of u could help me how much food should a 230 pound person should take in who weight lifts. i mean when it comes to diet i no only the basics but i dont now the keys like quantity which is my biggest mess up and how to make healthy foods taste decent.
ive slacked in the gym last three weeks bc of testing in navy and i needed to lean off but im back at it

last bench day flat bench 5x375, 4x385 1x405 incline 8x275 6x295 3x315 and 260 counting chaine weight rougly for 10 reps db fly’s 8x80 8x100 8x100 push ups and abs at the end
max dead a month ago 550 max squat a deep 550

so if there is any one who can help me with quantity and a cardio system that will help me lose weight slowly and get my stomache back in shape would be great help. i dont look fat i look big but i what to look more cut and be stronger pound for pound with out worying about my navy prt.

thanks for any help