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Time to Come Out of the Shadows


Hello T-Nation!

I figure it's time I try to be more active here and contribute something to this great site that has given me so much. I am a competitive powerlifter who trains at South Side gym in CT. I train with EC along with some other VERY strong guys. I guess I just wanted to come out of hiding and introduce myself. I look forward to learning more as well as helping out others along the way.


Welcome aboard.


I figure that if you have been reading for a while but never contributed you owe us something in return.

What is the one tip that you would give someone if they walked up to you in the street and asked how to become competitive in powerlifting?



If all goes well for me next year, I'll be training with you. (I'm goin to sacred heart.)



I would tell them to search out the gym closest to them that has competitive powerlifters training there and approach them about it. I got in by sending an e-mail to Eric Cressey and asking him if I could join in on a training session one night at South Side. Next thing I knew I was part of the crew. You would be surprised at how nice and receptive most powerlifters are. If you're serious about your training, I have never met a powerlifter who would turn you down.


Awesome man, it would be a pleasure to have you there I'm sure.


I have a question:

What if, hypothetically speaking, there were a lifter at my gym who happened to have tatooed on, say, his right shoulder blade something like, oh, I dont know, the logo of an '80's movie? As you can imagine, this would be a comedy gold mine, but at the same time it might be difficult to come up with consistently high-quality material to outdo oneself Friday after Friday.

Would you have anything in your experience with which you could help me with my problem?


Good to see a new face....err name.


Hmmmm....New York. I think I know who this is. As if I don't hear it enough from Billy and Rhodes, now you gotta pitch in too, haha. Looking forward to seeing you friday night as my elbow feels better and I started training friday nights again starting last week.


I never had the opportunity until now:

Thank you Conan. All the stories I read while growing up made me want to be big and strong like you. Not to mention being a ladies man. I still read your stories from time to time, as the chopping off of limbs and heads never gets dull. I'm glad you joined T-Nation. May we all benefit from your inclusion.


wrong conan, this is the host of late night.


Oh yea...I've seen him. The very unfunny guy who looks like a mannequin.