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Time To Come Clean...


Recently (in the last two weeks) I have been confronted by several people about my "problems" and I thought that I would use this forum to come clean. Hopefully, it will serve as an inspiration to others on this website so that we can begin to better our lives.

About two weeks ago I was visiting my friends at college to celebrate their graduation. Everyone was in the kitchen talking while enjoying a beer or two when the confrontation begin. It went something like this:

"You guys take supplements, that is so ****ing stupid. Oh man let me get some of that so I can get ****ing huge."

For the rest of the night many more comments along these lines were made by these guys while I sat there full of shame. The worst part was that they only saw my younger brothers protein mixes. I could only imagine the embarassment if they new everything that I was "fixed" on. I make Barry Bond's look like a saint. I mean not only have I taken protein but also: a multi-vitamin, ZMA, fish oils, fiber, post-workout drinks and worst of all (drumroll please)... CREATINE. That's right, the magic drug that will turn you instantly huge but you will have to deal with the side-effects of a small penis, rage issues, backne, and if your lucky your first born child will only be born with 5 legs.

My second confrontation has happened twice in the last two days. Yesterday, I has just finished 10x3 of deads and being to start on some benching when a guy asks to work in. My rest periods were only supposed to be 1:00 so I said that I was going quick but if he did not mind he could work in. Well, I was foolish to think that I could keep my rest period but I wanted to use more weight so I did not keep the 1:00 rest period but just moved as quickly as possible. After about the third set the guy turns to me and told me that I move too fast between sets. Then he asked me why I only performed 3 reps. After his previous comment I was a little annoyed and did not want to talk about it in the middle of sets so I told him that I like to switch it up. His response, "I wish I had that kind of free time." Whatever.

Then today I ran into the same guy on my way into the gym and had the following conversation:
"Man, back again. What do you go to the gym every day?"
"I wish I had that kind of free time. I am just here to pick up my wallet that I left here."

Once again I left it at that.


Yes, I take supplements. But, the supplements that I take are what many would call the "necessities" when it comes to supplements. We are not talking about buckets of horse steroids and beaver tranquilizers here. And the best part it was coming from a couple of guys that smoke enough weed to put Snoop Dogg to shame. I hate to say it but I would argue that by definition WEED is a SUPPLEMENT.

Yes, I try go to the gym on a regular basis. Why? Because I obviously have nothing better to do in life. Oh, wait. No, I (along with thousands of others) have decided to make SACRIFICES in order to go to the gym. Instead of going out at 5pm on a Friday night with friends I meet up with them at 10 because I had to workout. Or maybe my evening is jam-packed so I wake up at 4am to go to the gym at 5am. Not to mention that there are people out there (many on this site alone) that work much longer than me and have kids and still find time to go to the gym.

But apparently I am wrong... I am a drug addict with too much free time on my hands. Well, at least I can admit my problem and I can move past the first step of the 12 step program.


Dude, Barry took flaxseed oil too, you're in the same boat!

Seriously, I stopped halfway through. I have friends that bitch about everything like that, just ignore it, don't let it get to you, you'll live longer.

Good luck


[quote]cjs1034 wrote:

"You guys take supplements, that is so ****ing stupid. Oh man let me get some of that so I can get ****ing huge."

reply to them,

"You guys smoke weed, that is so ****ing stupid. Oh man let me get some of that so I can get ****ing stupid."

Tell him he would have more free time if he would shut up and lift, sounds like he is hitting on you.

"I wish I had that kind of free time."



You're doing nothing wrong. You'll just have to tune out their ignorance and stay true to yourself and your goals.


Just remember, you'll remain healthier than them in the long run. Well, chances are you will, anyway. haha

This is just shit we have to put up with.


I have had similar issues. My biggest problem is "you are eating again, thats all you do, you are going to be fat!!"


I'm still in the closet. When company is coming, I hide my buckets of Whey based "steroids" & Micronized German "Steroids" until they are gone. People can be too judgemental about things they don't understand. I'm sure most of those fatties eat a lot of poison in a week that I would not eat, but I don't judge them.

Seriously, my boss was worried one day when I mentioned creatine. "What? You better not be doing that stuff. A boy in college dropped dead on the field from using that!" Oops. I thought I was in for a beating. A few sentences later, he admitted "....Well, I'm sure you have read about it & know what you are doing."


haha yeap god forbid you try to explain bulking to them classic questions will unsue such as
"so when your done doing that you will turn the fat into muscle?"
"you shouldnt get to big you will get fat when you get older and stop working out"


Your situation comes to mind when I was at college this past year. Some friends of my roommate came by, and of course, they feel it necessary to comment on all my supplements on top and below my fridge (creatine, Surge, greens plus, Metabolic Drive, whey protein, fish oil).

The same girl always asks in a "trying to be funny" tone: You take all that? Do you eat any REAL food? And everytime she comes by, she asks how my protein is going. I wanna slap her but instead, I laugh when she leaves because she is nowhere near physical perfection and her ignorance is entertaining.

I just go along with it and say, "Yea, it's all I have ALLLLL day! You're exactly right." Then she usually stops. Don't sweat it man, and take pride in what you do because the majority of people just will never understand.


This is some funny shit!

Yeah, I have to admit, when I have company, which is rare, I'll toss all the supplements out of site.

Supplements are a funny area. Hell, some people won't even take medicine when they need it. There is some type of phobia that many people have concerning pills and powders.

Why bother wasting my time trying to explain what they do, or that I'm not killing myself with drugs and chemicals, and that I do eat real food when these retards don't know a damned thing about any of it anyway.

Ahem, anyway, if a cute chick warns you about getting too big... you know what to do!!!


ok i'll bite, what should he do?

next time somebody talks shit about your supps. smash the closest thing to you, throw a fit, and freak out. later tell thew thats it's "roid rage" and it's best they not bring it up again. that should just about do the trick. :wink:


Now THAT is classically funny. Pretty similar to what I do when someone at work wants to say something retarded about my supplements. They usually try to draw a similarity between my supps and steroids, which spurs a response like "shut the fuck up until you grow a brain. Do some research asshole".

God I hate Nintendo jockeys


Dude, keep working your plan, grow, and get big. No body bothers you about nonsense like that when you're big.

Down deep inside they envy the motivation and dedication that they see. And, the questions are a reaction to not understanding the difference between them and you.


When I was in law school, I was informed by my roommates and poker buddies that I was "obsessed" because I had tubs of Grow! and some other sups, and actually researched my workouts and eating plans.

Suffice it to say, I enjoy seeing how much weight they've put on since we graduated (or, for one or two, how they've wasted away into skin and bones).


I rarely am looking in this forum...funny post! I think we can all relate to everything you have encountered. How did I get the physique I have....ask anyone....hours and hours DAILY in the gym and I barely eat. Seriously thats about all it takes. Oh and I forgot to mention how 'lucky' I am to be 'naturally skinny'.


p.s. but diet coke is 'the same as water' and my eggs are 'fattening'


My personal favorite is the good ol' "you know that all that muscle is just going to turn into fat when you get older right?" I use to try to take the time to explain to people that fat and muscle are two completely different things. But they just looked at me like I was from outer space. Now I just laugh and walk away.

Gawd I really do hate people sometimes.


Why would you give a rat's ass about what someone else thinks about bodybuilding? Unless its Chad Waterbury or Cy Wilson, who gives a shit?

I run into this all the time as a teacher. Some middle school teacher tells some kid how 'Math is too hard for you!' and the kid believes this drivel. I tell them: "So, you're letting someone whose known you a few months pass judgment on your life?" I then want to say "Fuck 'em!" but these ARE kids afterall. :slight_smile:



Personally I'm proud of all the work I put into it and hold my head up very high. Sounds like your "friends" are losers and all I have to say about that is you are who you hang with. Surround yourself with like-minded people and fuck all the pessimism. This has cost me many good friends but afterward I realized they weren't really friends at all, just holding me back. I suggest you do the same.

"Any pessimists well I ain't talk to them plus I ain't have no phone in my apartment" - Kanye West


You could tell her the only other thing you eat is pussy and you are hungry right now. Unless she is fat or ugly then just say what you already said.