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Time to Change!


Ok, so last week I turned 38. I haven't touched a barbell or dumbell since probably 1995. I am joining the local Y, since there are no other gyms around, and start to work on my strength, health, and fitnsss levels. I wanted input as to what would be the best program to follow with my weight training to help get my strength up and build some muscle. Any suggestions? I'm currently 6'4" and weight 272. I need to lose some fat and get in much better cardiovascular shape.


No input from anyone?


5/3/1 and some sort of conditioning will do that fer ya.

...I think I just heard MJ moan...



5/3/1 3 days a week, conditioning 3 days a week. Stop eating crap.


do 5/3/1 or we'll hunt you, kill you, and eat you

ditto what joe and dca said


Please don't kill and eat me! I seriously thought 5/3/1 was the way to go, but wondered if I could make some quicker intitial gains by using the Starting Strength program.


I was going to suggest that, but you specified fat loss/conditioning which SS does not address at all. However, controlling your diet and eating calories matched to the size you want to be will work with any program.


since you are a relative newby, you could probably see some outstanding gains in muscle and strength by using starting strength, but you would want to "eat to grow" and take advantage of your newby potential gains, so if you do SS and eat for fat loss, you are cheating yourself in that regard.


Gotta agree with MJ on this one... and welcome to da swamp!


Er, uh, you know, I kinda, sorta, oh hell, I agree with MJ, too. Welcome.


Welcome to the old folks home.


Don't over think it, You can't go wrong if you are eating clean and lifting consistently. Would not want to see yourself get paralysis by analysis. Just pick one and get to it you can always adjust later. Welcome!