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time to change up workout please advise.

Finishing wk 5 of meltdown 1 and tdwag2.0. Staying on twag2.0 diet, but switching up workout after next week. With fat loss as my primary goal could anyone PLEASE reccomend a good workout? I was going to do ABBH, but it dosnt seem to be ideal on a calorie carb restricted diet. Should I just roll into meltdown 2? Amazing results in 6 weeks, but Im no where near my goal. What workout will best compliment twag in my fat loss?

I would gp for the ABBH. Quite a few ppl have been using it with great results while on hypocaloric diets. While they dont get the gains they would while eating massive, it seems the program is good at preserving strength and mass while dieting.

Give it a go.


i would have suggested meltdown2 or edt fatloss. laters pk

Not sure what you current bodyfat is after the 6 weeks you just did but you might want to look into a 5x5 routine.