Time to Change Routine Yet?

Ive been on a routine I got from this site for the entire month of January. Through you experience how long is it best to stick to same routine? If I’m still making good gains in both strength and muscularity, I should stay on it? I also wanted to ask if a deloading phase is a good idea once I do decide to jump off current routine and before starting a new routine. Ive read vaguely about these topics and just wanted to hear it from those who have been there done that. I believe it is important to put out here that I am on AAS cycle right now since I know that changes things a bit on what a body can handle in terms of what I’m asking about.
One example of a part of my current workout is daily bicept training which includes pull/chin ups. 50 reps in as little time as possible or how ever many I can do in 10 minutes. I do one of those every other day. So I’m still making progress on this, yet the routine description said to only do this for one month then lay off for a couple weeks. So do I keep going as long as progess is coming or stop now, since its been a month ?? Also doing german volume training and making great gains. Is it time to change that as well or keep at it?? Id like to avoid hitting a plateu.
Ive always done the “go with what I feel” type routines and never made the gains like I am now even with AAS. Thanks!!

If it’s not broken then don’t fix it :slight_smile: A month is a short amount of time on a program even for natural lifters. You can push further with your gear.

Deloading is up to you. We’re all a bit different and I think deloading is trial and error. I’ve done programs where every 4th week was a deload and now I’m doing 5/3/1 and deload every 7th week. Both work for me. I like the 2nd approach because it seems like I’m just getting the ball rolling after the 3rd week and I like to keep going instead of backing off. After 6 weeks of PR sets the deload week is a good mental and physical break.

I’ve never done GVT so you’ll have to listen to your body or just pick a week (every 4th, 6th, 8th, whatever) and plan it as part of your routine. I’ve also never used any gear so you may not even need a deload.

One thing I’m certain of is that it’s not time to change the routine. People forget that a large part of training is psychological. If you enjoy your program and believe in it then you’ll see results. If it’s a miserable program and you doubt it’s effectiveness then you probably won’t see results.

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Thanks for the input JM. I was kinda thinking that as I typed this post this morning…if its not broke;-) Plus gains are still coming so I will take youradvise and keep pressing for awhile on current routine. I like your ideas on deloading. Ive been lifting for several years now and have never incorporated a deload phase into my routine. I actually researched it for the first time on this site about a month ago. Always good to learn new stuff, that evidentally works…atleast for some. Thanksagain!!

Another vote for no break no fix. Even when it stops working, make as a small a change as possible to get things working again.

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