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Time to Change Program / Add Variety

I am getting bored with some of my program and would like suggestions for variety, while maintaining what I’ve already done. (IE When I return to this program I don’t want to seemiingly start too far from where I left.)

All exercises perfromed with dumb/barbells, bench rack, bench, no machinery.

Flat Bench Press (doesn’t every-1??)
Military Press Front of Head
Military Press Behind Head
Standing Shrugs (bar front)
Tricept Overhead Presses (one dumbell two handed)
Crunches on “crunch bench” (legs elevated and @90?
Twist Crunches Left Elbow right knee…for obliques

Any suggestions? Thanks!

OK this opne is simple.

Change it up, OU NEED TO WORK LEGS!!!

Simply add in various squats and deads, hyper extensions, leg extensions, just work your legs.

Concentrate on that for a while seeing as you have been ignoring it. Make the various types of squats and deads the base of your program and branch from there.

For upper body simply pick 1 push and 1 pull excersize for each day and the rest of the time on your legs. For instance, flat bench and Bent over rows, or overhead press and pull up/chins. This will have you Maintain ATLEAST the upper body and allow the lower body some attention it has been lacking.

Hope that helps,


Yeah, Phill has pointed out one huge weakness. I think you have also totally ignored the back. Where are the pulling movements?

Some back work is in order.With only the pressing excercises, you are looking at developing some serioud shoulder problems, if you allready haven’t.
Rows. lots of rows. standing, seated, wide grip, narrow, who cares, just start rowing.
The deads and squats are essential too.That should keep you entertained!

You need rows, pull-ups, deadlifts, squats, and good mornings. You may want to do dips in place of the tricep/shoulder/bench work you already havce for variety. If you shift your focus to developing the back and legs(posterior chain), you can surely add on 20+ lbs. of muscle in a relatively short time period(maybe 5 or 6 months). These muscles are very neglected in your case and will respond great to the new stimulus. The added hypertrophy would come as a result of solid nutrition and recovery as well, of course. Perform work for your external rotators to correct your structural imbalance from all pressing movements. Use the search engine, and you can find many solid strength/mass programs that address your needs. Use the compound movements I listed above that work the ENTIRE body combined with hard, smart training, sound nutrition, and proper recovery/variety.

I’m guessing this is just the chest/shoulder/tricep day of his program… at least I hope so

if this is just chest/shoulder/tri day

Flat bench: Inline, decline, floor press, pin press, dumbell press

Milatary press: High incline, or just dumbell presses

shrugs: dumbell shrugs, farmers walks, snatch grip deads

Triceps: tate press, close grip bench, close grip rack lockouts, laying tri extensions.

If this is your whole program… do as others said add alot of back/leg work! Also all those shoulder presses + bench + shrugs would tear up my shoulders after awhile

Thanks for the advice so far.

I only posted the exercises that I want to change around - my leg-ab day is still solid and keeps my interest. (That’s also my throw-up day btw…)

I should have clarified - I only have gotten bored and worn out with what I posted - the rows and other places where you pointed out holes are there, I just like the exercises and do not need to add variety there now!

Well I dont see the point then Sorry. Not to flame you and all. I just dont think anyone can give an honest helpfull opinio0n without knowing what you are doing. We will all just tell you what we see is missing.

On a side not if these are the movemnets you dont like and are tired of they are most likely the ones in which you need to give full attention. Where as the ones you like are getting full attention. Possibly

Hope that helps,