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Time to Change It Up

i started at 150lbs in 2006 i’m now at 195lbs. my split is as follows (each grouping indicates a training day):

sometimes chest and biceps, back and triceps, legs, shoulders, abs on days i feel like it.

variance: shoulders and arms, chest, back, legs, again abs when i feel like it, usually they get done two-three days a week at the end of my workouts.

additionally i hit calves two-three times a week, taking more or less time of depending how rested i feel.

i’m in the gym four days a week based on when i feel rested and ready. My workouts range from 1.5-2 hrs.

several exercises per body part, 13-18 total sets for most body parts. rep range is varied warm up sets 12-15 reps, most working sets are in the 6-12 range, if i go 6-8 reps for the majority of an exercise i’ll throw a higher rep feeder set on the end plus some sustained stretching at the end.


ideas for a new program, i need to change shit up a bit, i’ve gained a ton but am worried about plateaus. recently i’ve jumped from the high 180’s to the mid 190’s so progress is continuing.

Recognizing this post is not concise, please respond anyway. i’ve gained a ton but want to avoid being stagnant.

i need a magic program to get me more huge!!!

[quote]cyruseven75 wrote:
blah blah blah…
i need a magic program to get me more huge!!![/quote]

There isn’t one. Too many people post asking for people to make them a program. As you lift for awhile, you will learn what your body best responds to better than anyone else. Read from the site, use the knowlege gained from your previous experience, make yourself a new program, and learn from it for future reference. Educate yourself with the resources at hand to better yourself in the long haul. Use the forum to ask specific questions you can’t seem to figure out yourself to get other perspectives. You may not like this response, but the people will be giving you a program that is from the website anyways. Better to read through and choose one yourself if you aren’t going to make your own.

Sounds like you are on the right road already. 150 - 195 in two years is very sweet. Congratulations. It also sounds like what you are doing is still working for you.
Why mess with it?

If you just gotta mess with it then maybe just keep the best exercises that you are really excelling at and exchange out some of the others for similar movements. Still keep the same frequency and volume since it is still producing results. Worry about a whole new routine when what you got is no longer getting the job done.

Hopefully you keep a log and can easily pick out the exercises that are still producing good results. If not start one up today.

First of all just try changing the set and rep scheme on the big lifts ie. do 5x5 or 10x3 and keep the same schedule

thanks guys just trying to tweak things a bit and squeeze out the best results i can.

the i need a program to get huge thing was a joke by the way.

the size gain is due to nutrition and supps mostly.

i just want more!!! prioritizing my chest from top to bottom has helped, t-bar rows and overall commitment to a good back has helped, allow my shoulders full recovery has helped. hitting legs harder has helped.

size is in the legs and back, you can’t gain 45lbs doing biceps curls.

ideas for further growth would be great, thinking of hitting GVT again but i’m unsure if i want to back off on the weight to get through 10*10 of each exercise.

p.s. Sabbath i’m not so much asking to be given a magic program as i am hoping others who have walked the path and are further along than i lend their guidance. i’m a free thinker and resourceful at utilizing results/techniques i deem fruitful.

whistle reading and eating my casein before bed i was hoping to read/find input to further help my journey.

The magic program to get you huge is food. Aside from that, different people respond different to different programs. I notice that you seem to never train really heavy as 6-8 reps is the lowest you ever go and you probably average at around 10 reps. Maybe now it would be a good time to train heavier than you are now. Start training for a while in mainly the 4-6 rep range, although you can incorporate some lower rep work at the same time.