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Time shortage = great discovery

I was really short on time today. I had a full cup of mint flavoured green tea in my cup. I just drink it plain with no sugars or sweeteners. Since I had to go to the gym in a good 30 minutes, I decided to add power drive to my warm green tea. WOW is all i have to say. Not only did it taste amazing but It gave me a kick i never had before.

I heard that Green tea’s effects are caused by a certain Amino Acid it contains. Would this Amino Acid compete with L-tyrosine? Even if it does I will continue doing this because of how I feel afterwards. Just curious though.

Interesting. I’ll give this a try tomorrow and see how it works.

L-Threonine, the amino-acid found in Green Tea will increase epinephrine, norepinephrine, and dopamine levels, while lowering serotonin levels. The former increase your alertness and performance, the latter reduces it.

I’ve never heard of threonine competing with tyrosine, but one way or another the benefits are still there, and it will help you.