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Time Restricted With Westside

I?m having some problems with using Westside due to increased responsibilities at home, school, and work. So essentially, I only have 25-35 minutes for training 2-3 times a week on weekdays (M, W, F one week T, Th the next). My weekends are generally open for a lengthy workout (at least 1.5 hours a day).
I have enough time to finish the main lift but only about 10 minutes left for accessory movements.
I understand that I need to hit my weakest point with the remaining time I have so I?ve decided to do glut training for squat/DL days and back training for Bench days.
I?ve also decided to use the extended weekend workout(s) for max effort days so I don’t have to rush with the main lift and work as much volume as possible into accessory movements.
I?ll attempt to make a chart of available times for workout:

This is bi-weekly (m=morning available, a=both morning and afternoon available, n/a=Not available)
a | m | n/a | m | n/a | m | a
a | n/a | m |n/a | m | n/a | a

8 week layout will accomplish 7 DE, 7 ME, 7 bench, and 7 squat/DL sessions with something like this:

Sun.   Mon.  Tues.   Wed. Thur.   Fri.     Sat.
  1. MES | OFF | MEB | OFF | DES | OFF | DEB |
  2. OFF | MES | OFF | MEB | OFF | DES | OFF |
  3. DEB | OFF | MES | OFF | MEB | OFF | DES |
  4. OFF | DEB | OFF | MES | OFF | MEB | OFF |
  5. DES | OFF | DEB | OFF | MES | OFF | MEB |
  6. OFF | DES | OFF | DEB | OFF | MES | OFF |
  7. MEB | OFF | DES | OFF | DEB | OFF | MES |
  8. OFF | MEB | OFF | DES | OFF | DEB | OFF |

If i’m doing something ridiculously wrong, feel free to point it out.
Any ideas/suggestion would be greatly appreciated.


Why not keep it simpler and work out both Sat & Sun every week?

Saturday - DE Upper

Sunday - ME Lower

Tuesday - ME Upper

Thursday - DE Lower

On weekdays when time is limited you might want to try an EDT type workout for the supplemental lifts.

ALternatively, you might be able to try both ME lifts on the weekend. I’m not too sure how well ME on consecutive days would work, but I wouldn’t like to feel rushed on an ME day either.

I have done the four workouts on a 8 day cycle and it worked great. Also you could do you ME/DE lift then your weak point training in one session, and then later on in the day do work outs with bands (tri extentions, band GM’s, pull throughs). How does that sound?

Do the four-day workout on an eight-day schedule (mon, wed, fri, mon, repeat, etc.). Also, if you purchase the Templates Guide from Elite, it shows how to set this up as well as a program for those with limited time and those that can only train two times per week.

It’s worth it.