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Time-Restricted Diet for a Bulk?

So I’ve been practicing this diet for about a year. I modify it depending on the time of year. I decided to try to cut down to around 12% bf for the summer. So I obviously cut down on total calories and reduced carbs while keeping protein at around 1 gram per pound.

Here’s what I need clarification on. TC doesn’t seem to modify the calories or macros for a bulk or a cut. Am I reading that right? I ordered the Mag-10 to drink before bedtime to help maintain and/or build muscle. So, is it enough to eat sensibly during the 12 hour window or do I need to cut back when trying to drop a few pounds and add calories when I’m trying to add a few pounds?

To lose weight you need to be in a caloric deficit. To gain weight you need to be in a caloric surplus. You can recomposition in both a positive sense and a negative sense at a caloric maintenance, which sense you recomp depends on your activities. Time-restriction will not change fundamental laws of physics.


The easiest way to approach time-restricted feeding is to eat however you would otherwise, and then just constrain your meals to within the time window. So if you want to bulk, follow a bulking plan but eat in the 12-hour window. Same for cutting.

What you may find as you progress week to week is that you can adjust the calories based on the results you’re seeing. So you may not need as many calories to bulk or as few calories to cut because the time restriction is making things more efficient. But that’s something you’d play by ear.