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time period for fat loss

On the Jan. 2 of this year I started my cutting phase at 186 lbs 13% body fat. Today March 12, I am at 10.4% 178lbs. I know I could be more disciplined in my workouts but I was just wondering if I should stop my cutting phase. My strength levels have stayed the same and for some areas gone up. Am I screwing up my metabolism or is there another reason I should quit cutting calories. I am following a John Berardi style nutrition and training program.


I guess it really depends on how lean you want to get and wheter you are going to bulk after finishing cutting. I don’t see any problem with you getting down to 8% as long as you are still progressing. Then again, maybe you could bump up your cals to maintenance for a few weeks and try again. This might give your thyroid levels a chance to recover.

You may want to incorporate some refeeds. You metabolism is likely slowing severely from your dieting. Do a search and you’ll bring up several threads that expound on the benefits of CHO refeeds.

Hope this helps.