Time On, Time Off?

hey guys newbe here to T-Nation have dipped n dapped with a.s.s only cycling for bout 2 years 10 week test dbol cycle only doing 2 per year spreading them out… i just finished my last one currently on week 5(off time) and was wondering can i jump right back into it in another 5 or 6 weeks thanks

get blood work, then you will have your answer.

edit just saw dbol only, you need to do more research into cycles.

johnny na its test c week 1-10 dbol kick start 1-4 research i do alot of and just keep hearing time on = time off but never knew if it ment time off after pct example if on for 10 weeks pct for 4 weeks can i start 6 weeks later or 10 weeks after pct is complete… but u right best way is through blook work

Conservatively you need as much time off as time on, including the month of pct. Could you start 6 weeks after pct, I think yes provided you feel you’re fully recovered, but like the man said, get the blood work done. There’s always time to cycle again.

thanks gys appericate all your help