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Time ON = Time Off?


Hello T-Nation,

I am currently on my 4th week of my 6 week Anavar (70mg) and T-Bol (50mg) cycle, well actually just dropped the TBOl, ran TBOL for 4 weeks as I've read it loses potency after that. So far results have been amazing, 13 pounds, no bloat, hard as a rock. I didn't run the low dose of test to see how my body reacted to an oral only, I've run several test-e's. Anyways, Im planning my cutting cycle and I have a question.

After my 6th week I start PCT right away. To start another cycle is it time on = time off excluding PCT? Should I start my next cycle 6 weeks after my last aas dose or 6 weeks after PCT?

Thank You!


Theres a search function. Use it.


I searched, came up info but I didn't find where it specified if it is INCLUDING or EXCLUDING PCT.....


It depends both on how the individual counts cycle length and on how the recovery goes.

Some figure that if they take injections for X weeks, then it's an X week cycle.

Personally I think it better to count cycle length as the entire period that levels are suppressive.

So if wanting to have equal time on and time off, it would matter which way you count time on. I'd suggest the second way.

Also, when counting time off, I think it's fine to include PCT in this time if natural T production comes right back and there never is a difficult period and there were no suppressive factors during the PCT.

But if there are weeks of low T or trying to do a "taper" or using HCG, etc, then those weeks shouldn't be counted towards being "equal time off."


Not that it matters. The time on/time off balance is ultimately meaningless - if you think it's the best way to preserve your endocrine system or keep getting better results with AAS in the long run. Diminishing returns will always apply.


What are you actually trying to say? This is a completely unintelligible post. 3 completely random 'sentences'.


Hello bonez!!

I'm saying it is often advised that you should have as much time "off" AAS as you spent time on them between cycles.

The OP is trying to meticulously plan the time between cycles based on this. But in the end, its an irrelevant "rule of thumb" to follow. I guess he's doing it because he thinks it'll help him either recover better/preserve his endocrine system better or he'll gain more from cycles that follow. I don't now the merits of this, or what this advise is based on.

I would think everyone is individual - and that how well/quickly you recover will be individual and based on how much AAS u used on cycle and the ancilliaries as well as other factors which are a much better gauge of how much time to leave between cycles.

I don't think caculating time on/off like this is worth anything.

And personally, being the person i am, i would choose to be off a LOT longer than i am on.



Also it definitely is not a black/white issue but very much a sliding scale. My way of putting it is that being off twice as long as on is conservative yet can be quite effective over a training year; being off as many weeks as being on is more aggressive but not greatly so, and being off only half as many weeks as being on is being about as aggressive as is reasonable while wanting to cycle and in fact doing so.

(With the weeks being counted as described above.)

With the OP, there isn't an issue of injectables lingering and probably not an issue of slow recovery, so I would simply count the on weeks as being the actual number of weeks taking the orals, and the off weeks as those weeks not taking the orals.

But aiming for an exact proportion is not necessary: these are just guides or general outlines.


thanks for the elucidation Bill! I was hoping you'd make some comment after my post :slight_smile: