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Time On/Time Off Protocol


In your opinion, does this protocol change with doseaes? The reason I ask is I was running a TRT dose of 200mg per week for about 20 weeks. Started PCT in beginning of October. I want cycle 2x per year using typical doses. How long do you think I need to wait


What PCT protocol did you use? SERM?

A 20 week cycle at 200mg/wk is far from optimal, unless that’s your ‘cruise’ dose for TRT. (TRT as in never coming off)

How old are you?


He’s got 8 other posts. Is it that much trouble for you to read the one other thread he has made that answer your questions and provide insight to situation?


I am 31. It was TRT but I decided I am too young and was doing it for the wron reasons. I did climd/nolv for 21 days. Feel awesome being off. Just wondering how much time in between based on the doseage and time I ran. BTW boys were back up to size quick


I found myself highly irritable and miserable at times after being on for some time.


Hey thanks Bone.


I gues my edited post got eaten

I went on to say that I’d recommend waiting for a good three months after PCT. At that point get bloodwork to see what’s going on. Then make a decision from there. Getting bloodwork at any point sooner is prefectly fine. 3 months is just my opinion.


Yeah I caught that before it got edited. Not sure why it did. Would have liked to done one summer cycle and one winter cycle but the times just arent gonna work with when I came off. Thanks again. Even at 200mg for an extended time im sure my body needs a break