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Time off

I just took four weeks off because of a broken finger. Before that, I had just started a 5x5 program. Now that I am lifting again, should I go back into the 5x5 program with lighter weights, or do another program for a week or two to get used to lifting again? Thanks for the help.

I would just do whatever feels best and will get you going again. You can always come back to a strength based program when you feel ready or you can go back to it right now. Sorry for the vague answer, but there really is no set rule for you to follow right now.

Welcome back! Keep up with your finger therapy. It took a couple of months before mine came back and I had to use a strap on some exercises. Also work on your finger range of motion, it has been two years and I still cann’t make a proper fist, but have really improved my other hand strikes.
Best of Luck.

Thanks for the advice. I went in last night and got back on the 5x5 horse, but a lot lighter than I wanted to be at obviously. It’s good to hear someone else wasn’t all better after four weeks. Because of my insurance company, I was unable to see a doctor, so I just had it taped up after someone set it when I broke it. So, I still have a little recovery to go. Thanks for the advice.