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Time Off While Using Gear


I've thought of another dumb gear newb question.

I've spent the last 3 years experimenting with various sets/reps, time in the gym routines until I found what works best for my currently un-enhanced body.

I'm doing 8 weeks of max ot style training, taking a week off then doing 8 weeks of PL style training. If I don't take the week off, I get very overtrained very quickly. I've tried deloading weeks, working past the time for a break, changing routines, etc. End result take off or overtrain and get sick and injured.

From my reading, I understand that a cycle helps improve recovery. How does one best work this into the gym time. Keep lifting without time off while on cycle? Or stay on schedule and take a recovery week when it is due?

If this has already been asked and answered, I apologise, but the search didn't find it for me.


Easier to answer a dumb question than fix a dumb mistake.Be more clear on your question please.