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Time 'Off' Due to a Virus

Hi all

A bit of advice would be appreciated.

Up until last Saturday I had been injecting 1ml of Sust 250 E3D for 4-5 weeks. Started feeling a bit rough on Sunday/Monday and by Tuesday could barely get out of bed never mind sort out next injection etc.

Today is the first day that I have been up and about so the last injection I have done was the one last Saturday. Doc puts it down to a virus that has been doing the rounds. I have not taken any medicine other than sip Dioralyte sp. to try and keep my fluids and minerals up.

My question is whether I should just jump back in and carry on from today/tomorrow and keep going with the E3D until the end of the cycle or whether I should now take a five week break and then start again with a 10-12 week cycle. I don’t want to just jump back in after a weeks break if it is going to prove sub optimal in the longer run but the medium-long esters in Sust could negate the issue, couldn’t they?

Also, if I did decide to break what length of time would my stasis/taper need to be for such a short cycle or would I be better just writing the last five weeks off completely?

Thanks in advance


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Pharm Grade I believe.

B No 99060
Manf 2/09
exp 2/13

If the above helps