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Time Off Cycle


Ok was wondering, have been cycling var for 5 weeks now - great results last week of the 5 i was at 60mg ed - before that was at 40mg and at the begining was doing 30mg ed.

My question is for how long do i stay off the AAS before cycling again - what is a safe amount of time???? I will be runnning a short pct as i feel that my test has been mildly shut down.

I was thinking atleast 5 weeks off -does this sound ok? Apart from test levels - liver values are all fine.


I think 5 weeks would be plenty. I would run some Alpha Male. to help with the test levels. other than that you should be goooooooooooood.


as long as you were on, is how long you will be off, best of luck



6-8 weeks, 3 months is optimal. I prefer to take a big rest period each year, to resensitize my body to AAS, then hit a big cycle again.


yeah thanks guys,

will do atleast 5 weeks off - will be taking Alpha Male + a short stint of Nolva.

will do two more cycles this year and thats it for the year.


I agree with P-22. I have one big cycle a year now, which is only topped up with much shorter "maintenance' cycle. This works much better for me than constantly cycling on and off. Then again I don't compete, so another method may work better for you.



All of this depends on your goals.

How long do you stay off? What are your goals? Do you want full recovery to baseline? Then you need bloodwork prior to the cycle, and you need to get it done every 3 weeks until you are back to where you want it. That will be an individual thing, and "XYZ# of weeks" isn't going to tell you if you're 100% recovered.

On the other hand, if your goal is to recover to within normal (acceptable) parameters (which could still be 13rd of YOUR starting level)- then you need to get bloodwork also, but could probably stop PCT alot sooner.

I usually say if you are running an aggressive PCT (read: mine), you can get away with 1/2 the time off as time on. If your PCT is garbage, then you need double the time off as time on.